2018 resume refresh: top tips from the latest research

Refresh your resume for 2018

Updating our goals for the new year is a time-honored tradition, and if career success is on your 2018 agenda, a resume refresh should be on your resolution list. The job market is changing fast, and whether you’re actively seeking a new role or aiming for a promotion, you’ll want to sharpen your professional presence and digital footprint to keep up with today’s demands. We’ve polled our own recruiters and dug into some new scholarly research to compile the top three tips for upgrading not just your resume, but your professional clout, networks and personal pitch.

Manage your personal brand

Job seekers should treat their public social media profiles like a company manages its brand1. Maximum visibility will result from best practices such as using strong keywords, professional images and engaging summaries.

Social media is disrupting the recruiting process, as candidates and recruiters connect and build long-term relationships online and skip the middle men, such as job boards1.  Online networks provide ongoing relationships through the power of connection, messaging, big data and forum discussion. While LinkedIn is the largest professional networking platform1, platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are becoming more frequent sources for recruiters looking for top talent. Most CA Technologies recruiters have Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, where you can connect with them and see regular job openings and other CA career updates in their posts. You can find them easily with a quick search for #BringWhatYouBring on your favorite social network.

Don’t limit your connections on professional networks such as LinkedIn to people you have worked or gone to school with. It’s wise to search for others with similar skillsets and recruiting professionals at the companies on your target employer list.  Pro tip: recruiting professionals have various titles that do not include the term “recruiter” – “talent acquisition,” “headhunter” and “sourcer” are all common versions of titles you should value in your professional network.

Connections are most valuable when you maintain and nurture them through discussion. Regularly sharing interesting thoughts on industry news and collaborating with others in your area of expertise will demonstrate a passion for your work and keep you top of mind for your connections. And don’t just share; add your thoughts and expertise to spark a conversation. If you enjoy writing, a LinkedIn article is an easy way to publish long-form thoughts on succeeding in your line of work. The point is to craft a strength-based narrative and authentically communicate your career identity. According to data expert Rachel Cohen and career counselor Rebecca L. Toporek, successful career narratives can be achieved through both positive and negative stories and experiences, which can shape strengths and assets2. Identify your career narrative by attaching your real-life successes and lessons to hot topics on your timeline.

Learn the key to keywords

Be sure to identify active, clear keywords to feature in your resume. Building a solid keyword list to describe your work value can be key to standing out and confidently communicating in interviews, cover letters and profile summaries. According to master resume writers, you can build a strong list of keywords by thinking through five distinct categories3:

  • Hard skills and factual data

Include words that demonstrate key skills that apply directly to your tactical work, such as “media buying,” “programming” or “web design,” but don’t forget the specifics like “HTML,” “Java” or “data analysis.” These keywords should be featured in your skill tags on your LinkedIn profile as well.

  • Soft skills and attributes

Think of how you work with others, and try to be more distinct than “team player.” Terms such as “networking,” “time management,” “critical thinking” and “conflict resolution” will stand out and clearly communicate those qualities that are difficult to display in a portfolio.

  • Employment details

Give specifics on the types of projects, products or services you’ve worked with. “Agile project management,” “DBaaS sales” or “gamification development” are more specific and intriguing than the same terms without descriptive adjectives. Additionally, list attributes of the industries of your professional experience. “Retail,” “transportation” or “finance” can go a long way in establishing yourself as a strong match for a role that prefers that background.

  • Education and training credentials

Give your schooling or certifications a plug wherever possible. You may have been an IT support technician for 10 years, but if you don’t have “A+” somewhere in your online profiles and in your resume, you risk getting missed on automated searches and algorithms that match talented people to open jobs.

  • General information

Are you passionate about a cause, volunteer in your community or have an interesting hobby? Sprinkle some of that personality into your online profile summary to stand out amongst your peers.

Don’t just list skills, show them

You’ve probably been asked to show ROI on something in your professional career, and the same principal applies to “showing your work” on your resume and in your online profiles. There are two key ways to do this.

First, on a resume, you should add a few stats that show the results of the efforts you’ve listed under each title. Whenever possible, those stats should include a business result. If you managed a team, what specific steps did you take to develop them and what percentage of your total headcount were promoted? If you were responsible for ordering supplies, what did you do to improve that process and what percentage of your budget was saved as a result? Data is everything; be concise and specific about your impact.

Second, when it comes to your public online profiles, include links to case studies, blogs, Slideshares, images, gits, or videos displaying your work. If you don’t currently have any relevant professional content like this, you may want to consider compiling a portfolio for this purpose.


You can find many more tips on resumes, job search and interviewing in our Candidate Toolkit.

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Rachel Duran
Rachel Duran

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  1. Macabe, M. (2017). Social media marketing strategies for career advancement: an analysis of Linkedin. Journal of Business and Behavioral Sciences,29(1), 85-89. Retrieved January 9, 2018. ISSN: 1099-5374
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A Day in the Life at CA: Ryan Phillipowsky, Digital Presales Consultant

Ryan Phillipowsky, CA Digital Presales Engineer

Insight on what it’s like to work in Digital Presales at CA

When searching for a role or starting your career in the tech industry, you’ll typically find bulleted information on a company’s job description, benefits and culture. We want to go a step beyond and give you insight from a real CA employee. This profile of one of our Digital Presales Consultants is part of our careers blog series “A Day in The Life At CA”.

Meet Ryan

Ryan is relatively new to CA – he’s been working as a Digital Presales Consultant in the Plano, TX office for around seven months.

What exactly does a Digital Presales Consultant do?

“I help large organizations resolve their day-to-day IT challenges by introducing them to software solutions and industry best practices.”

Always learning

A typical day for Ryan starts with morning coffee, returning emails and prepping for customer calls.

“Work is actually pretty fun for me. My days consist of customer demos, and surprisingly, learning. Continually learning while on the job is a huge upside for me. I’m always excited to learn more about my area of focus, as it allows me to offer additional insight and value to our customers.”

The best part of the job

Ryan say the best part of the job is interacting with customers.

“I love going onsite and interacting with our clients in their own environment. This personal interaction not only allows me to properly contextualize the needs of our clientele, but it also contributes to a more trusting and productive working relationship with our consumers.”

The workspace

Ryan enjoys the collaborative layout of the Plano office.

“Having an enclosed yet open work area is awesome. It accommodates for needed privacy should my schedule be demanding, while still allowing me to openly interact and socialize with my coworkers.”

Desk of Ryan Phillipowsky, Digital Presales Consultant

However, he says his favorite part of the office is the people he works with.

“We’re a healthy mix of professional and silly, which makes the office environment equally fun and productive.”

Bring What You Bring

We asked Ryan what he feels is the best CA benefit.

“CA fosters quite a unique and inclusive work environment. Unlike most corporations, CA is incredibly considerate of family dynamics, personal growth or hardship, and all else that comes with being ‘you.’ My manager has been a wonderful representative of all that makes CA a desirable place to call ‘work’.”

Room to grow

We asked Ryan why someone might want to consider working for a B2B technology company like CA over a more well-known brand such as Google or Microsoft.

“Unlike other tech giants, CA continually shows a vested interest in their talent and our personal successes. We have the resources of a global company with a culture that encourages longevity and career progression.”

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Kick-start your 2018 job search with these 3 tips

2018 job search tips

New year, new career?

If your New Year’s resolutions include finding a better job, you’re not alone. But are you ready for the hunt? Here are a few tips to get your 2018 job search off to the right start.

Update your resume

You may have heard it a thousand times, but it bears repeating: always have your resume updated and ready to go. Even if you aren’t in the market, that perfect job opportunity will often present itself when you’re least expecting it, especially as many companies ramp up hiring in January. As you’re scrambling to add your most recent experience to your resume, the company is probably already talking to other candidates who may be better prepared. If you want a competitive edge, you should be able to provide an up-to-date resume at a moment’s notice.

Send the signal

In case you missed it, LinkedIn now offers a button you can click to discreetly let recruiters know you’re interested in hearing about new opportunities. To access it, navigate to your LinkedIn profile, then scroll down to view your dashboard. Under “Career Interests,” click on the button to turn the feature on.

You’ll be directed to a screen where you can enter more information about the types of job opportunities that interest you.

Lock down your social profiles

More and more employers are checking out social media profiles of potential candidates before making decisions on interviewing or hiring. You may want to think twice about posting things like:

  • Risqué photos, memes or stories – While may it have been an epic wet t-shirt contest, chances are the pics aren’t going to impress a potential boss.
  • Polarizing political or social opinions – You are certainly entitled to them, but be aware that a recruiter may not share your views and find them off-putting.
  • Ads for your side hustle – There’s nothing wrong with selling cosmetics, kitchen gadgets or home goods in your spare time. However, if your entire newsfeed is devoted to it, a potential employer might wonder if your attention will be fully focused on their job.

If you want to continue doing you on social media despite the potential pitfalls, at least be sure to go into your privacy settings and make sure only your friends can see your Facebook feed and your tweets are set to private.

Now you’re ready to launch your 2018 job search! You can find many more tips on job search, resumes and interviewing in our Candidate Toolkit.

If you’re interested in exploring careers with CA, search here or create a custom job alert to get notifications on sales roles that match your search.

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It’s All About Presales

In Sales, there are many parts that make the engine work, we can think of these as cogs on a wheel. One of the “cogs” is Presales also known as sales engineers. But who are they and what do they do?

These technically savvy individuals with a knack for Sales conversations leverage their expertise to align business and technical requirements for prospects and customers. Typically, Presales consultants work shoulder to shoulder with salespeople, providing the skills needed to demonstrate how technology can bring value to businesses. This is achieved through onsite meetings, workshops, conference calls, online presentations, video conference calls, etc. Other examples of day to day tasks include participating in tender responses, helping uncover customer needs, proving the concepts, providing training, and so on.

As subject matter experts, Presales consultants are often also responsible for assisting the partner community, training them on products, helping progress deals, etc. Furthermore, Presales might be called upon during public events; where presentations to broader audiences might be required.

Throughout all this, a Presales consultant acts as a guide for the customer, as well as his or her colleagues, both internal and partner.

The Digital Universe 

In the age where digital forms of communication are taking over, many of the Sales related tasks we typically perceive as face-to-face are conducted remotely. Presales are no exception with product demonstrations, training and all that jazz being delivered digitally. To a point, even proof of concepts or supporting them is something we see being done so more often.

The shift towards digital does improve efficiency although at the same time creating new challenges. Take product demonstrations for example. When sitting across the table of a customer, you can tell whether they are with you, something an online presentation can´t always provide. It is then up to the Presales professional to adapt to this environment, and come up with ways of keeping the person on the other side of the line engaged, interested, and willing to take the next steps following the demonstration. The same goes for other tasks which are done remotely. Digital Presales must provide a similar experience as their onsite counterpart, only without the great benefit of body language and other positives of a face-to-face meeting.

Still, the benefits of remote delivery are hard to ignore. From the customer´s perspective, having a demonstration done remotely creates an opportunity to evaluate more solutions, as it is so easy to get in touch with more vendors. There is less hassle in joining an online demo than in hosting (sometimes multiple) salespeople. Think of all the emails you don’t have to send in planning for it and the coffee saved. Just as some prefer to shop online instead of visiting a shop in person, more and more do the same when shopping for IT solutions.

From a vendor perspective, not having to arrange travel for a team of people to another country for a two-hour demo session represents a great chance to cut down on travel costs, and carbon footprint. The Sales organization gets to cover more ground, and can pursue opportunities it previously simply could not.

Do you have what it takes to be a Presales consultant at CA Technologies Prague Office? Then submit your CV to our recruitment team via email here.

Meet our Presales team at CA Prague office


I am from Italy and have been in Prague for over 5+ years. I have been in Presales for over a year now when I joined CA Technologies. My territory is within EMEA and I’m currently looking after CA’s Project & Portfolio Management Products. Outside of work, my hobbies include: cooking, reading, listening to music, watching TV, tai-chi, and mathematics.

Connect me on LinkedIn here


I am originally from Brighton, England. I lived in Prague for 2 years and have been living outside Prague for the past 4 years. I have worked in the Presales field for 3 years, with 9 years in the IT industry, and joined CA in August this year to work within the EMEA Agile Ops team. Outside of work I enjoy playing, creating and recording/producing music, travelling, gardening, hiking, cycling and swimming.

Connect me on LinkedIn here


I am originally from Egypt and living in Prague for 3 years so far. I joined CA in March 2016 as a Security Services Consultant then moved to Presales for more than 1 year till now. I am covering the Cyber Security Portfolio of CA (CA Privileged Access Manager – CA Identity Suite – CA Single Sign-On CA Advanced Authentication) for EMEA. I am someone who enjoys working out and travelling.

Connect me on LinkedIn here


Hi there! I’m originally from the South of Italy and I’ve lived in Prague for 4.5 years. I joined CA 2.5 years ago with the Presales Academy in Prague and this is my first experience in a Presales role and I love it. I’m covering CA PPM (Project & Portfolio Management) for the EMEA regions. In my spare time, I love to spend time with friends, travel as much as I can and do sports in particular football and martial arts.

Connect me on LinkedIn here


Hi! I am originally from France and I have 3+ years of experience in enterprise tech support and interestingly I have a degree in History & Languages. I have always been curious of technology; with Linux in particular. I’ve been part for the CA Presales team for more than 2 years now and I got the chance to expand my skills tremendously, when I joined. I didn’t speak Spanish at a professional level and now I do. At work, I enjoy having to explain clearly the business value of software features to customers. In my free time I like travelling, cooking, reading, listening to music and tinkering with my Linux environment. I am native in French and can speak English, Spanish, Czech and a little bit of Russian (working on it these days).

Connect me on LinkedIn here


Originally from the North of Spain but working & living in Prague for 4 years and half, I’ve been working at CA in Presales for under a year, covering all Presales for IT Service Management, IT Asset Management and Automation products for the whole of the EMEA region. My motto is, “If you do it, do it with passion”. The combination of my technical expertise and a Sales oriented attitude has made Presales my ideal role. I had previous B2B Sales experience and a deep technical experience with corporate IT Services systems so here I can develop both, my tech knowledge and my sales skills.

Connect me on LinkedIn here


Born and raised in Prague, I’ve been in the city for close to three decades, in Presales for one sixth of that, mostly for CA. There are two vastly different disciplines present in today’s IT world, sales and technology. Being Presales means getting the best of both, as you get to keep in touch with the technology while being responsible for conveying it’s value to customers. That’s what brought me to it, and that’s what keeps me at it. Outside of work, I’m a father, metal head, a wrist-watch enthusiast, fan of good foods and drinks, with a few more selves hidden up my sleeve.

Connect me on LinkedIn here


Originally from the Czech Republic, I’ve been living in Prague and within Presales for 5 years now. I joined CA Technologies some 3 and a half years ago and currently look after Agile Operations, ITSM and AUTO, PPM across EMEA. In terms of interests and hobbies, I very much like to keep up to date with new trends and the latest technologies. New ways of doing business is what excites me and customer experience is what drives me.

Connect me on LinkedIn here

Do you have what it takes to be a Presales consultant at CA Technologies Prague Office? Then submit your CV to our recruitment team via email here. Not finding what you’re looking for, join our Talent Community and set up direct job alerts here.

Shahana Ginwala – Marketing Coordinator,
Talent Acquisition, Global
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The case of the creepy company

Case of the creepy ccompany

Will your new job be just right or a howling fright?

Starting a new job can be a scary proposition. Are you going to like it? Will it be everything the company promised? Are you jumping out of the frying pan into the fire?

The answer to allaying your anxiety lies in doing thorough research on the company you’re considering before you ever accept the offer. In addition to the qualifications for the job, you should also look for clues about things like the company’s mission, values and culture.

To help with your research, here is a list of some spooky signs that your new dream job may really be a nightmare.

 The headless company

You’ll undoubtedly find polished headshots of the company’s leadership on its website, but can you find any other employee stories? The people who are in the trenches every day can offer first-person perspectives you won’t get from slick website copy. Ideally, you’ll be able to find stories from people who work in the same position and/or department that you’re considering.

The social media ghost town

If you’re like most people, social media is the first place you’ll look for information on a company. If you find an abandoned Facebook page with no posts since way back in 2015, and an Instagram with exactly three photos, it’s a sign that the company isn’t social savvy and perhaps not very current in its thinking.

The case of the missing job description

While a bulleted list of required skills is helpful, it won’t give you a complete picture of your role. A good job description will give insight into such things as:

  • The company’s culture
  • The culture of your specific department
  • How this role contributes to the company as a whole
  • The kind of technology you’ll be working with
  • What kind of team you’ll be working with

The clues that don’t add up

At face value, most companies are going to project an awesome company culture, but sometimes candidates can receive misinformation either in their own search or directly from employees. Maybe a recruiter boasts a lively office environment with volunteer activities every quarter, but when you show up for your interview you only notice a couple of disgruntle employees in cubicles, and when you ask about the last volunteering event your interviewer participated in they raise a brow.

As mentioned, researching the company prior to interviewing is of the utmost importance, but if you get the chance to interview onsite, use the opportunity to play detective and see if everything you’ve heard about the company up to that point is seemingly accurate.

We encourage you to practice your company research skills by exploring this website as well as our social sites:

Facebook: facebook.com/CATechnologiesCareers

Instagram: @LifeAtCA

Twitter: @CA_Careers.

You can also follow #LifeAtCA for photos and stories from our people around the world.

If you’d like to explore careers with CA Technologies, you can search our open jobs here, or join our Talent Community to be notified when jobs matching your interests are added.


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Five tips to successfully prepare for your job interview

Five tips to prepare for your job interview

You never know exactly what you’re going to get in a job interview. On one hand, it could be an engaging, enjoyable experience. On the other, it could feel like a never-ending interrogation. Unfortunately, you don’t have total control over which experience you’ll have. However, you can tilt the odds in your favor by being proactive and thoroughly preparing for your interview. It requires some effort, but it’s worth it!  Proper interview preparation makes your responses to questions more applicable to the job at hand, and can give you a competitive edge over other candidates.

Being prepared can give you more confidence in selling your talents, and help offset some of your interview jitters. Here are five tips to help you prepare for your next interview.


Give the company’s website a thorough look. You should familiarize yourself with their products and services, but also pay attention to their About section and their Mission statements. These are great places to find hints about the company’s culture. Another great way to familiarize yourself with a company’s culture is to review (or stalk) their social media platforms. Scroll through company Facebook and Instagram photos to put some people and imagery behind the mission that the company promotes as their culture.

Review & Print Resume Copies

Updating your resume is a crucial step in preparing for the interview.

  • Make sure your resume clearly highlights your previous responsibilities and successes, and also provides a clear snapshot of the impact you had in those roles. Use bullets to quickly capture the important details.
  • Double check for grammar and spelling errors by reading the text aloud. It’s also always a good practice to let someone else proofread your resume to catch errors that you may have missed.
  • Print off a few hard copies to bring with you to the interview. Even if you sent it electronically, it’s not uncommon for the interviewer to ask for a copy if he or she forgot to print one out ahead of time.

Have Questions for the Interviewer

This is commonly overlooked, but having a couple of relevant questions to ask your interviewer can make a big difference in their perception of you. Have 3-5 questions on standby, and make sure that some of your questions reflect the research you’ve done on the company.

Dress to Impress

Make sure your clothing is clean and ironed, and that you’re exhibiting good hygiene. Does your hair need a quick brushing? Is there anything stuck in your teeth? And while you may need a piece of gum to freshen up from your morning coffee, don’t forget to spit it out before speaking with the hiring team!

Arrive Early

Map out the interview location – know exactly where you are going. Leave enough time to find alternate routes if needed. This can prevent some unnecessary stress and allow you to arrive early enough to gather your thoughts, review your resume, and take a breath before your interview begins. You can also use the extra time to strike up a conversation with the receptionist if there is one. Getting some small talk in right before meeting with the interview team can help loosen your interview tension.

These tips can’t guarantee you will get the job, but you can have the satisfaction that you gave your best effort to make the best possible impression on your potential employer.

Are you looking to make your next career move? Search jobs at CA.

CA Technologies France Seeks More Diversity in Technology

As the Talent Acquisition Manager for France at CA Technologies, I am always very proud when we hire great sales women to pitch our software solutions and services in areas such as:

  • Application Performance Management
  • Infrastructure Management
  • DevOps
  • API Management
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Agile Solutions

It is wonderful to see women in technology:

  • Generate new sales opportunities in various industries
  • Respond to specific problems of large enterprises
  • Present to potential clients alongside pre-sales, marketing, service and partners
  • Complete large deals after long and complex sales cycles in Technology.

Women In Tech

Unfortunately, it’s wide knowledge that women are still underrepresented in Technology Sales. I would certainly like to meet more female candidates with the relevant education & sales experience in Software License Business. However, the more technical it gets, the more difficult it gets to identify the more suitable candidates. At the same time, I am aware that it hasn’t been easy for women to access positions of responsibility in Technology Sales and that it takes time to change attitude and behavior of not just industry leaders, but girls who are considering STEM careers from an early age.

In terms of gender equality, it still frightens me that children are programmed to think a certain way from the earliest age. Some aspects of our contemporary societies are still very traditional and there is still a gap between our intentions for more gender equality and the reality. A good example to consider are the gifts given to children at Christmas. In many toy shops, there are still two separate shelves one for boys and one for girls. Many children games and toys still support gender stereotypes.

Inspiring the Next Generation Into STEM Careers

At CA Technologies France and across EMEA, we support community activities with a primary focus on STEM education. We pride ourselves with encouraging young people and especially girls to show more interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. We hope that girls will find these topics as interesting & fun as boys and that they will be willing to persevere.

Earlier this year, 25 pupils aged 14 years old came from a College in Aubervilliers to visit our company in Paris La Defense for an interactive day with CA’s employees. They participated in workshops, and exchanges on job advice and various collaborative exercises to explore new technologies.

CA Technologies also support the “Transaharienne project” led by our partner Engineering school “ISEP” in Issy-Les-Moulineaux. Earlier this year 24 students from ISEP came in to install computers from CA Technologies and give training to children from disadvantaged schools in South Morocco.

Today many working women are looking for a career that offers flexibility and enables them the opportunity to pursue a fulfilling life outside of work and this includes a good family life. However, many women and in particular working mothers at times are having difficulties to manage a personal life and a demanding career. I believe that to encourage gender diversity, some concrete actions are needed such as allowing employees to work from home when needed, flexible hours etc.

Bring What You Bring to CA France

At CA Technologies diversity matters and the company has made a strong commitment to increase the number of women in technical roles and the number of men in general administrative positions. Some countries are more advanced than others on the subject, in particular those countries where CA offices offer the benefit of Montessori Children’s Centers on site.

Today we speak a lot about agility at CA Technologies. Being agile should have a positive impact on diversity and should allow women to have more flexibility at the workplace. We ask our candidates to “Bring What You Bring” to CA Technologies. That means a diverse workforce of talent people, bringing a range of diverse experiences, diverse thought from both talented men and women. That’s why each hire we achieve of talented women in Technologies Sales is a step forward.

If you’re ready to bring what you bring to CA, Search here or create a custom job alert to get notifications on roles that match your search.

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Florence Perissel – Recruitment Manager,
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Build an Agile Career Path to Find Your Dream Job

Agile Career Path

How to use agile methodologies in your work life to maintain an agile career.

An “agile career path” might sound like an oxymoron to some. Careers are often thought of as a straight ladder of successive promotions, with a clear beginning and end. But if you look at someone in the top of your field, you’d likely notice a professional history that looks more like a zig-zagged staircase. If you read some of our Day in the #LifeAtCA blog series, you’ll see stories from many CA employees who took on different, lateral challenges for many years to create a strong base for becoming a well-rounded and savvy leader. There are a few different agile-inspired ways you can forge an impressive career.

Defining Your User Story

 Perhaps you’ve heard interview feedback along the lines of whether you were a good “fit” for the role. In that feedback, what were the skills that stood out and which ones were missing? What could you learn or experience to help you check all the boxes for that next promotion?

The first thing you should consider is which roles or departments closely work with yours, but are currently outside of your skillset and experience. If you’re a database engineer, this might include user experience designers or product marketing. Finance graduates trying their hands in planning may also be interested in revenue.  A public relations professional may find social media interesting. No matter the specifics, you should learn what skill gaps you need to overcome and consider the investment it would require to do so. For example:

  • Go to a community college or university to obtain a certificate or additional degree. Don’t forget to ask your employer if they provide tuition reimbursement!
  • Take an online course from a service like CodeSchool, Lynda or YouTube. You can even visit the website for a tool you’d like to become proficient in, as many of these companies provide free tutorial videos.
  • Learn how to become involved in any in-house development programs provided by your employer. For example, CA Technologies offers its employees an award-winning Leadership Development Program and a massive list of online learning courses.
  • Seek out a mentor or participate in online forums focused on your new professional interest.

Impediments and Solutions

 Sometimes a good lateral move is created out of a need to solve a problem. You may have heard a story or two of someone demonstrating a clever way to save money or time in their job and being asked to implement it full-time. Those lightbulb moments are rarely a matter of chance; they tend to come from those who are consistently relentless in identifying problems and figuring out a solution. You may not consciously be scanning your organization or personal work patterns for inefficiencies, but cultivating self-awareness will bring the realizations to mind. You should practice thinking through how you would solve any issues you come across naturally in the workplace. When you finally see that problem for which you have the perfect solution, consider these points to prepare for presenting your clever idea to the boss:

  • Will it save money? How much? How would you measure that?
  • Will it save time (and will that in turn, save money)?
  • Is it something you could implement? If it is a small project, offer to add it to your current to-do list. If it’s going to be a full-time job, you may want to take the plunge and propose a new role for yourself.

Iterative Career Developments

Surprise! A job opening has suddenly captured your eye.  Maybe it’s the exact job you’ve been hoping and training for, or maybe it’s one you never thought about doing until now. What next? Let’s break it down.

If the job opening is at your current company:

Get familiar with the internal transfer process and rules. Many employers give stipulations around length and review scores in your current role. You should also inform your manager that you intend to apply to the role before taking any steps. Be sure to ask for advice from your manager on how to proceed.

If the job opening is at another company:

This is a great time to refresh your resume with your new skills and experience and ensure that your goals are made apparent and relevant. Do your research on Glassdoor, the potential company’s website, and market salary averages. List pros and cons for the new opportunity vs your career path capability at your current company.

No matter how you find the opportunity to flex your resume, it’s all about adding valuable features to reach your goals. As CA’s Rebecca Taylor says, “Don’t plan your career too much – just do something you find interesting, be curious, and take every opportunity you can.”

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Rachel Duran
Rachel Duran

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Gender Diversity Is Alive and Well at CA!

By Rachel Ehrlich, Coordinator, Talent Acquisition

Within my first few days at CA Technologies, I began to feel CA’s strong culture of diversity and inclusiveness. I was both delighted and surprised to see programs, trainings and internal policies dedicated to the empowerment of women, the drive towards gender equality and the demand for diversity.  Sitting at my first town hall, I heard the leadership team discuss the importance of diversity and I thought it was the coolest thing ever! CA has done a great job of building and enforcing its diverse culture.

I am proud of the efforts made specifically within my team, Talent Acquisition. It warms my soul when I see an abundance of women’s resumes within male dominated fields such as Finance and Engineering. When these resumes come my way, I can’t help but smile and feel a sense of girl power!

Perhaps most impressive are CA’s practices to ensure pay equity and parity across gender. Although there has been no state legislation put into place regarding screening practices around compensation, CA has taken the initiative to fully implement new policies across the globe.  These practices encompass the pivotal things CA is doing that place them at the forefront of change. With CA’s help, women are breaking down gender barriers in the corporate world. It feels awesome to be a part of this avant-garde initiative! I hope other companies look at our practices and are inspired to follow suit.

Being in my role for several months now, CA Technologies truly continues to project an image of diversity to me.  As a steadfast feminist and women’s right advocate, it feels great to work for a company that values the same ethics. As a woman, I feel like I’m valued equally to my male counterparts and I feel incredibly proud to work for a company that values diversity and inclusion within its walls.


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A Day In The Life At CA: Software Engineer

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a Software Engineer at CA Technologies?

When searching for a role or starting your career in the tech industry, you’ll typically find bulleted information on a company’s job description, benefits and culture. We want to go a step beyond that and give you key insights from the perspective of a real CA employee.

Meet Adam

Adam McKeown is a Software Engineer in our Vancouver, BC office.


Adam’s Story

Adam got into his technical career relatively late in the game. He started going to BCIT, a local technical college, at age 30. The contacts he made there opened the doors for networking opportunities, which led him to CA Technologies.

At work he spends most of his time looking through other developers’ code to find areas that need improvement or don’t line up with standards.

 “I really like that the work that I do feeds into something larger and that I can stand behind it. As a QA Analyst, I sort of have the final say in what goes out the door, and if I’m not satisfied that it’s what the client needs it gets reworked.”

Adam says he gets excited coming to work because he knows he’s going to learn something new every single day. He’s already encountered three to four new languages in the 10 months that he’s worked here.

When asked about the most challenging aspect of working for CA, Adam said it is the speed at which things move.

“We’re a big company, but at the same time we react very quickly to changes in the market place and to our clients’ needs. We use the Agile methodology, which means we’re on sprints and PIs, and every PI our product owner is coming to us and saying this is what the client wants, this is what the business needs and it’s up to us as a team to decide how we’re going to meet those challenges.”

Life at CA

One of Adam’s favorite parts of CA is the trust and respect he’s found here.

“At CA Technologies, we’re respected. There’s a lot of trust placed in us to do what we say we’re going to do, and we reward that trust by working hard and meeting all of the challenges that are set to us.”

He also enjoys the collaborative atmosphere and the diversity at CA.

“We spent a lot of time collaborating here at CA Technologies. We’ve got a lot of smart people from a variety of backgrounds, and it’s great because we have all of those different viewpoints and experiences and educations blending into one another.”

Adam’s Career Advice

According to Adam, the number one thing you need to be successful at CA Technologies is confidence.

“You have to have confidence in yourself and in what you know, because you’re going to have to apply it every single day. Sometimes you’re going to disagree with your co-workers and that’s totally natural. We want you to bring that passion, because we want you to teach us things that we don’t know.”

Thanks to Adam for sharing his Day in the #LifeAtCA of a Software Engineer! You can connect with him on LinkedIn here.

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