A Day in the Life at CA: Pedro Bullaudy, Digital Sales Partner Account Manager

Pedro Bullaudy, Digital Sales, Partner Account Manager

From sales to salsa, learn how Pedro is breaking barriers every day

When searching for a role or starting your career in the tech industry, you’ll typically find bulleted information on a company’s job description, benefits and culture. We want to go a step beyond and give you insight from a real CA employee. This profile of Pedro Bullaudy, Digital Sales Partner Account Manager, is part of our careers blog series “A Day in The Life At CA”.

Pedro came to CA 13 years ago with a sales background in the distribution industry, having worked with global firms such as Arrow Electronics and AT&T. He started working tele-leads at CA’s Customer Interaction Center (CIC) in Tampa, FL, before moving to the Channel Sales team and Digital Sales Partner account management.

Recently, the Florida Department of State recognized Pedro with a Florida Heritage Award – presented annually to citizens who have made long-standing contributions to Florida’s cultural heritage, and honor the state’s most influential tradition bearers for excellence, significance and authenticity.

For more 20 years, Pedro has served as a bandleader and the driving force behind the Tampa Bay Area’s salsa scene, delivering original arrangements, fresh energy and the best of Latin music repertoire. He was born in Santiago de Cuba, but fled with his family in the freedom flights from Havana to Miami.

Pedro Bullaudy, Digital Sales, Partner Account Manager

After settling in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Pedro developed an interest in music and began playing trumpet. He came of age as salsa began to coalesce among Puerto Rican and Cuban musicians in New York. He shared the stage with Latin music giants like Eddie Palmieri, Roberto Torres, Jose Fajardo and began performing with the progressive group, Cuba Song, with Edwin Bonilla who is known for his decades-long run with Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine.

Pedro’s group, Orquesta INFINIDAD, has performed twice at the Super Bowl, as well as at the Clearwater Jazz Festival, House of Blues, in a Netflix film and in many local festivals.

We asked Pedro a few questions about his job at CA and his music. Here’s what he had to say.

1. How do you contribute to eliminating the barriers between ideas and outcomes for our customers?
I take the time to work with our Partners and internal teams to understand the different perspectives, possibilities and human factors that are specific to a challenge. Based on that, I translate a vision into an approach, and present it in a way that produces desired actions through individuals and groups.

2. Why is it important that we all “bring what we bring” to contribute different and unique perspectives?
This brings to mind the story of blind men describing different parts of the same elephant. Each based their response on the section that was immediate to them, and each was different. By bringing and discussing different perspectives, we can come to more fully understand the bigger picture and how to more effectively approach solutions.

3. Tell me a bit about how you’re bringing it outside of work with your recent 2018 Florida Folk Heritage award.
I bring a vision of the level of excellence that we are trying to achieve, and understand that it takes work. This, coupled with realistically addressing the details with sincere communication, has helped me to consistently produce harmonious outcomes!

4. How does music help inspire you to do great work at CA?  
It is very satisfying and makes me happy – which makes for more positive work all-around. It also teaches that consistency requires discipline for a smooth outcome. Through improvisation, it demonstrates that anyone can make stuff up… but to make it right, it takes work.

5. Why is it important to you that you’re making a difference – both at home and at work? How are the two related?
They are both in their own way “family” and I always look bring my best to both. When I do that every day – I feel alive, happy and ready to face any challenge that comes my way.

For more information on the Heritage Awards ceremony, click here. Watch Pedro’s interview with Lissette Campos on ABC News, here.

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Pride Month Profile: Jesse Santa Cruz

Throughout LGBT Pride Month, CA Technologies celebrated by spotlighting a few of our amazing employees from the LGBT Community. Even though Pride Month is technically past, we have one more outstanding employee we’d like to introduce.

Meet Jesse Santa Cruz, Coordinator, Talent Acquisition, who is based in Boulder, CO. Jesse began working for CA two years ago. He originally worked for Rally Software, then helped the recruiting team when CA acquired that company.

We asked Jesse to describe exactly what a Coordinator, Talent Acquisition does.

“I ensure that candidates and interview teams meet on time and have meaningful conversations that lead to stellar hires for CA. A typical day for me includes tons of interview scheduling for roles across the country, meetings with the local HR team, and assisting the Talent Acquisition Marketing team with tasks such as social media analytics and copy editing.”

“This is my first role, and I’m glad that I kick-started my career with CA!”

Jesse says that the culture in the Boulder office has had a great impact on him as a member of the LGBT community.

“I have worked in places where I struggled with being completely open with my co-workers with what I do on weekends, who I go on dates with, and what my true interests and hobbies are. The team here in Boulder is judgement free.”

When Jesse isn’t at work, he enjoys getting outside for a hike. “Living in Boulder, Colorado, the outdoors is king!” You can also find him sifting through thrift shops for quirky graphic tees, and “attempting to emulate Bob Ross paintings with small yet incremental success.”

What would Jesse say to a member of the LGBT community considering a career with CA Technologies?

“Bring What You Bring! I would tell them that if they are looking for a job in tech, CA is a great place to be. CA’s clear dedication in messaging, as well as actions about increasing diversity is proof that the stale ‘hush  hush’ corporate environment is being disposed of with the culture of inclusion that CA Technologies is striving to create.”

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Pride Month Profile – Meghan Stabler

We continue to celebrate LGBTQ Pride Month by spotlighting a few of our amazing employees from the LGBTQ Community.

Meet Meghan Stabler, Advisor, Business Unit Strategy.

Meghan originally started working for CA in the 90s, left to join another company, then rejoined CA in 2010, which she jokingly refers to as her “second tour of duty” with CA. Meghan works from her home office in a town just north of Austin, TX, where she says the views from the three windows in her workspace “bring a smile to my face every day.” She enjoys the collaboration of her teammates and other CA employees.

“I get to work with some absolutely great people, inspiring leaders and motivated team members. That helps me bring passion to what we do. I love it!”

We asked Meghan to describe her role at CA.

“I’m working to ensure our CEO Renewal message and value proposition is front and center, internally and externally. My core objective, along with other members of Trevor Bunker’s Lifecycle Management team, is to ensure our customers extract maximum value realization from their product investments with CA.”

LGBTQ Equality

As a transgender woman, Meghan has been a leading member of the LGBTQ community and has worked extensively for LGBTQ equality for more than two decades in the workplace, military service and society. She has advocated for the repeal of the U.S. military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, worked tirelessly for marriage equality, and has even testified before the U.S. Congress and many state houses to ensure workplace non-discrimination laws include sexual orientation and gender identity protections.

“If we are only authentic at home and not at work, then we are only bringing a part of ourselves to our job,” says Meghan.

Meghan praises CA for their inclusive policies.

“CA has been a great champion for our LGBTQ causes and internally has many benefits that cover LGBTQ employees, couples and their families. That is something to be proud of!”

What would Meghan say to a member of the LGBT community considering a career with CA Technologies?

“CA is the right choice. If you are looking for an inclusive, safe and welcoming workplace, where you can bring your authentic self and skills to help transform customer businesses, then CA is the place.”

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LGBT Pride Month Profile – Fabio Mazetti

CA Technologies is celebrating LGBT Pride Month by spotlighting a few of our amazing employees from the LGBT Community.

Meet Fabio Mazetti, Senior People Operations Analyst, who is based in Islandia, NY. Fabio began working for CA two years ago in Brazil and made the move to New York earlier this year.

We asked Fabio to describe exactly what a Senior People Operations Analyst does.

“I am responsible for reporting and data analytics – data driven decisions or the ‘3D View’ for the HR Business Partners Community to ensure they have the intelligence they need to run their business.”

Soon after he started working at CA, Fabio joined THRIVE, the company’s diversity network.

“I joined THRIVE right after I joined CA. There’s always ways to foster diversity at your office either being a LGBT or an ally.”

A typical day for Fabio starts early in the morning with a good homemade breakfast.

“When I arrive at work, I like to plan the rest of my day. Although I try it, the environment at CA is so dynamic that, sometimes, I end up doing things out of the agenda.”

Even with a dynamic work environment, work-life balance is still important. Regardless of what’s happening, a couple of espresso breaks (Fabio is an avid coffee lover) and lunch away from his desk usually make the agenda. He ends at least three days of his week at the gym, where he loves yoga class.

Outside of work, Fabio loves “movie theaters and popcorn and a good cup of coffee.” He is also an animal lover who rescued two sets of sibling cats who traveled with him from Brazil to complete his family in the U.S.!

We asked Fabio about his experience with CA benefits as a member of the LGBT community.

“There are so many, but the same-sex spouse coverage is awesome. It’s great that CA includes same-sex spouse/partners in health insurance. It had a weight in my choice to come to the USA.”

What would Fabio say to a member of the LGBT community considering a career with CA Technologies?

“Life here at CA Technologies is where you’re encouraged to fearlessly Bring What You Bring. We thrive on maintaining a diverse and inclusive workplace. What you’ll experience at CA is more than a career journey; at CA, you’ll be rewarded with the experience of career development support, a deep commitment to our customers and our communities, zealous recognition, and a quality work-life balance!”

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Geek Pride Day at CA Technologies

Geek Pride Day

Who will have the best Geek Pride Day pics on #LifeAtCA?

Geek Pride Day is May 25th, and there are few larger groups of proud geeks than what you’ll find at CA Technologies. The technology departments are not the only having geeky fun. If you spend enough time at any of our campuses, you can spot a Whovian in Finance, a Trekie in HR or an RPG aficionado in Marketing. We know some of you are still holding out on us, though, and this is your chance to shine!

Show us your Geek Pride on Wednesday by choosing your favorite print-and-cut CA glasses and taking a pic of you with your favorite geek gear. Share it with the hashtag #LifeAtCA, and we’ll re-post!


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Geek Pride Day Glasses 1 Geek Pride Day Glasses 2 Geek Pride Day Glasses 3 Geek Pride Day Glasses 4


Hint: Tape a straw or pen to the center-back of the glasses once you’ve cut them out. You can also tape one across the top-back of the glasses to keep them from getting floppy.


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Rachel Duran


Teacher Appreciation Week: We Love Our Montessori Team!

Teacher Appreciation Week at CA Technologies

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, and we’re happy to recognize the outstanding Montessori teachers at CA Technologies.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to our very own! All seasoned professionals with Montessori certification, the Montessori Teachers at CA Technologies exemplify the excellence of our employees through their care and love for teaching the children of our employees. CA Technologies houses eight Montessori Childcare Centers globally as a childcare option for our employees’ children, from six weeks of age to six years, during the workday. The centers are open five days a week to accommodate our employees work schedule and equipped with teachers certified in the Montessori Method and early childhood development.

The ultimate goal of the Montessori program is to make the child independent, and teach life skills prior to entering Kindergarten and making for an easier transition. The ultimate goal for CA is to give our employees a piece of mind knowing their children are able to flourish in a nourishing environment, just a quick walk away. We could not accomplish these goals without our wonderful teachers. Here are just a few CA parents on why they appreciate these teachers.




“All the staff in the MCC are fantastic. They dedicate their time to ensuring our children have the best start both in terms of the educational and developmental focus they provide and also the kindness, care and fun environment! As hard as it is to leave your baby in full time nursery, all the teachers and staff have made that process so much easier for me as I’m happy in the knowledge that Emily is safe, cared for, encouraged to learn, experiencing new things and most of all, happy! THANK YOU for all you do!”

Alison Wheeler

Sr. Mobility Analyst


“There’s no chaos, we’ve seen other places. The teachers want to be teachers. They know the fundamentals of teaching. The teachers have advanced degrees and understand childhood development. They are also very open to suggestions and receptive to parent dialogue. The parents had raised some questions about the quality of nutrition, and within a few weeks the meal plan had greatly improved. For moms who are breastfeeding, there is a nursing room with a refrigerator, which is accessible throughout the day.

Tiffany May

Senior Counsel


“Peace of mind and an assurance that my son is in safe hands and being taken care of comes first to mind when I think of MCC at CA. The teachers, who go the extra mile to ensure that proper care and learning is provided to the children in their formative years, are the engine that keep the MCC running. MCC at CA is no ordinary day care or early learning centre; it is part of the broader CA family and thus brings with it the culture that we all are so comfortable and familiar with. I love to have my son so close to me while I am at work and still get all the care and learning that he needs taken care of.”

Avneesh Bhatnagar

Sr. Principal Product Manager


“All the staff at the Montessori Children Center are exceptional. Their commitment to the care and wellbeing of the children is second to none. If it wasn’t for the MCC I do not believe I could have come back to my role here at CA full-time. Knowing that my daughter is being cared for in such a loving environment makes my going to work so much easier. The teachers go well above and beyond their job role and have become an extension of our family.”

Kerstin Griep

Customer Portfolio Representative


“Returning to work as a mother is a daunting time and the pressures of work/life balance are always present, but the support and excellence of the staff at CA’s Montessori has made all the difference.  Throughout my children’s time there I have always felt that the quality of care and standard of teaching provided by the teachers has been beyond what I would have ever expected.  The children clearly love the environment, their teachers and the huge variety of activities they engage in.  I couldn’t be happier with this amazing facility and the wonderful teachers who give 110% every day to nurturing our kids and making them the happy little people they have become! Gushing, I know, but I am truly so grateful for what we have in the Montessori!”

Rhian Buller

Principal, Field Marketing




“Every day at Ditton Park’s Montessori Centre is a fun day for my two daughters who absolutely love coming here. The teachers create a fun environment for the children to learn in. I especially appreciate the extra work they do after hours and before the day starts to prepare the classroom for the children; every week there is a new theme which colours the activities and work the children can experience and opens their mind to learn something new. My older daughter especially enjoyed the pond dipping she did recently and my younger daughter told me that she loves her teacher more than me! Being a working parent brings lots of challenges and having such a great facility on site with dedicate staff who build such lovely relationships with the children certainly helps!”

Brioney Moore

Sr. Principal Procurement


“After 13 years and 4 children I could think of 100 reasons to love the CA teachers. Here are a few:

I love the CA teachers because they correct behavior a weaker person would just laugh at. I love the CA teachers because my children run into school in the morning and beg to stay when I pick them up. I love the CA teachers because they always do everything they can to make my children feel comfortable in all situations. I love the CA teachers because they have help to build my children’s confidence every chance they get. I love the CA teachers because my children do (even long after they graduate from the program).”

Sally Marselle

Director, Operations


“There is a huge sense of relief not having to fight traffic to drop them off then make it to work on time. The relief takes away a lot of stress. Plus they love it; they enjoy going every day. They are in small enough groups so everyone knows each other, it’s a very family-like environment.”

Pamela Liou

Partner Account Manager


“The teachers in the MCC are truly amazing in all they do. They provide our children with a great start both educationally and developmentally in a fun, safe and caring environment.  My daughter has the biggest smile on her face every morning when she arrives and that is down to the teachers.  Knowing that she is happy and well cared for, gives me much comfort as a working mummy.”

Sarah Bolton

Sr. Administrative Assistant


“The teachers at the MCC are truly amazing. Their commitment to provide the best care for our children is stellar. They dedicate each day to ensure our kids are learning and are reaching key developmental milestones. The fact that all of the teachers know each of the children is wonderful. My son runs with joy into school each day and that in it self puts a smile on my face. It’s not easy being a working mum, but having the MCC and teachers there who are supportive, caring, and kind makes it all a bit easier! Thank you for everything!”

Kristin Shulman

Marketing & Communications Manager




“What I like about CA Montessori is that the methodology, the environment and the ambience. The way it’s structured is very beautiful and thoughtful.  The best part of CA Montessori is that my daughter is just 2 mins away from me, and teacher and students ratio is very good. After I drop her at CA Montessori school, I don’t have to worry about her till I’m done, I can concentrate on my work.  I know she at the right place, right people and she is getting groomed and taken care. Can’t think of a better place for her education at this tender age.”

Veera Haluvadandimath

Sr. Platform Administrator


“I love CA Montessori because the facility is very clean and well managed, and the teachers are very professional and caring. The environment in the school is very intellectually stimulating. More than anything else there is a lot of peace of mind, knowing that my daughter is in good hands and also when I see the happiness in my daughter each day.”

Amrit Kollamambalath

Principal Software Engineer


“In last 9 years of my service at CA lot of great things happened, among them CA Montessori is the best one I can say. The passion the teachers show to make children learn new things is really awesome. I attended multiple sessions and events each are very unique and extraordinary. I really salute to your dedication and passion.”

Swapna Akkaladevi

Sr. Quality Assurance Engineer


“I have two little girls, one who has already gone through the Montessori at CA and my second who is now in CC. Apart from the fact it is a fabulously well-equipped center, it is the teachers that really make it such an amazing learning environment. They genuinely care for the children and give them the very best in everything they do. They make my life as a working mummy so much easier as I trust them wholeheartedly.”

Laura Chivers

Principal, Field Marketing


“Teachers are the most powerful professionals in the whole world. Their work has a long-term impact on not just the lives of the children they teach, but on society as a whole. They have the power to shape generations, impact minds and make the world a better place. And having teachers in the same campus where we work is just boon for all working moms. I do not have to worry about my daughter while working as I know she is in safe hands, It increased my productivity as well. A big ‘Thank You’ to all the teachers of Montessori!”

Apeksha Sao

Sr. Software Engineer


Thank you to our teachers for all that you do to positively impact the lives of CA kids and their families! How are you celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week? Tweet us with #LifeAtCA, and we’ll share the love.