CA Prague Inspires The Next Generation

As a part of STEM initiatives, Jim and some of his colleagues were invited to deliver a series of presentations to talk with over 60+ students from local secondary school, Gymnazium Benesov, to help them understand what it’s like to work in technology – and the variety of jobs available. This is a part of Create Tomorrow, CA’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program in Europe that aims to address the STEM skills gap and gender imbalance in Europe by encouraging school students to consider future careers in STEM.

“The students were aged between 16 and 18 and were a blend of 50/50 male & female. We were asked to talk to them about how we developed our careers in IT along with other subjects.”

Jim and his colleagues delivered an Agile Lego workshop. They then presented a quick overview on Agile/Scrum and then helped the students with an exercise to ‘build’ a village.

“The idea went down very well as there was a great interaction within the teams. We took a team each a as scrum master and advised them on ways to meet their deadlines. Some of the feedbacks were very positive. The students were given an idea on how crazy working against deadlines can be!”

Jim and his colleagues delivered a presentation on interviewing techniques providing advice and information about building effective CV’s and how to be successful at a job interview.

“We covered topics like current affairs – highlighting issues we face in the world today – and how technology plays a vital role in the way we socialize, work and transact in a fast-paced app economy. The students were very interactive and communicative and seemed to take a great deal from it.”

We asked Jim what did he enjoyed the most about giving back and inspiring the next generation into STEM?

“It was great to interact with these students and share experiences and life stories. They were very enthusiastic, so very willing to talk about their way of life and what they expected to do in the future.”

On asking Jim what students think about a career with CA Technologies, they went away knowing far more about the brand the role CA plays in the tech space.

“Many of the students voiced that they are interested in CA as a company and a place where they can develop their careers in the future. As they are only starting their university studies, they will always have CA Technologies in their minds for the future. We even spoke about future internships during their university studies.”

In a thank you message by students after one of the talks, one student said:

“Thank you for all the help you have given us with our future career. I especially appreciate the information and advices you have provided about our decisions in our professional life. Now I am convinced that I want to study IT at the University of Economics in Prague. I am pretty sure that I would like to see you one day as a colleague and from what you said I hope that it will be in CA Technologies. Again, thank you so much. I greatly appreciate your generosity.”

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James Conway – Director, Software Engineering, Prague
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Gender Diversity Is Alive and Well at CA!

By Rachel Ehrlich, Coordinator, Talent Acquisition

Within my first few days at CA Technologies, I began to feel CA’s strong culture of diversity and inclusiveness. I was both delighted and surprised to see programs, trainings and internal policies dedicated to the empowerment of women, the drive towards gender equality and the demand for diversity.  Sitting at my first town hall, I heard the leadership team discuss the importance of diversity and I thought it was the coolest thing ever! CA has done a great job of building and enforcing its diverse culture.

I am proud of the efforts made specifically within my team, Talent Acquisition. It warms my soul when I see an abundance of women’s resumes within male dominated fields such as Finance and Engineering. When these resumes come my way, I can’t help but smile and feel a sense of girl power!

Perhaps most impressive are CA’s practices to ensure pay equity and parity across gender. Although there has been no state legislation put into place regarding screening practices around compensation, CA has taken the initiative to fully implement new policies across the globe.  These practices encompass the pivotal things CA is doing that place them at the forefront of change. With CA’s help, women are breaking down gender barriers in the corporate world. It feels awesome to be a part of this avant-garde initiative! I hope other companies look at our practices and are inspired to follow suit.

Being in my role for several months now, CA Technologies truly continues to project an image of diversity to me.  As a steadfast feminist and women’s right advocate, it feels great to work for a company that values the same ethics. As a woman, I feel like I’m valued equally to my male counterparts and I feel incredibly proud to work for a company that values diversity and inclusion within its walls.


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CA’s Jin Zhang Honored at “Women of Influence” Awards

Jin Zhang Women of Influence

Zhang among 100 local women celebrated

We’re proud to announce that Jin Zhang, CA Technologies VP of Product, was recently honored for her accomplishments at the Silicon Valley Business Journal’s 2017 “Women of Influence” award dinner and ceremony. Each year, the publication honors 100 inspiring local women who’ve become leaders in the community, representing fields across education, finance, health, technology, non-profit, engineering and construction.

Jin Zhang Women of Influence

Jin has been with CA since 2015. She joined as part of CA’s Accelerator program to build her start-up, called, which combined machine learning and analytics. Now, as a VP in Product Development’s Lifecycle Management Initiative, she is focusing on improving the customer experience across all business units, for the entire CA portfolio.

“I strive to serve as a mentor to women in business and technology – not only in CA but also in the community,” said Jin. “I regularly volunteer with my daughter for organizations supporting STEM initiatives for women and children. I used to separate business and community, but I’ve learned that networking and doing work in the community shows our leadership in a very real way.”

To learn more about Jin, including her perspective on women’s role in technology and the critical role mentoring plays in her career, click here.

For more information on the many ways CA supports women in technology and to learn how you can get involved, check out our partner organizations on the CA Corporate Social Responsibility site.

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Work-Life Balance… Is Having It All A Myth?

4 Tips for Creating Better Work-Life Balance

It’s a big scary world out there, and somehow, we’re tasked with managing the many peaks and valleys along our individual journeys. If you’re anything like me, balance is what you’re constantly striving for. It’s like the gold at the end of the rainbow, or finding Big Foot. Sometimes it seems too good to be true, or just not real. But it is. I promise you. It takes some time, some gumption, some patience, and trust.

We’ve all had times in our careers where the scales seem to tip and sometimes break, which is never a good thing. It can cause anxiety, delays in delivering your product, a drop in quality of work, and potential drop in confidence. Plus, you lose that thing called a life. Which, take it from me, is no good. So, how do you find balance? Here are some of the lessons and tips I’ve learned throughout my career which has helped me find my balance, think less about working so hard to find it, and focus on work-life integration:

Organisation is Key

Look, I get it. It’s not always easy to stay organised. I recently had some constructive feedback shared with me that highlighted sometimes when I’m stressed or my plate is too full, I can become slightly ‘crazed’ and disorganised. At first, I had a moment (in my head) not dissimilar to my two-year-old’s tantrums, but then I realised, you know what, they were right. Ask yourself when prepping for your next day at work: Have I written down and actioned my to-do’s? Am I as prepared as I can be for tomorrow? Do I have to follow up with anyone today? Have I laid out my clothes for tomorrow? These are really simple things, that can help you stay organised, save time, and provide you one piece of that oh-so-coveted balance.

Schedule ‘You’ Time & Unplug

Do you take a full hour lunch? Do you ever turn your devices off and focus on ‘the now’? Having some ‘you time’ built into your day can help clear your head, keep you organised (see tip 1), and overall give your brain a rest. It also helps you to focus your time on your family, friends, your special interests outside of work, and can actually HELP you to be creative and apply any of your ‘you time’ thoughts to your job. I actually schedule 15 minutes of ‘Think Time’ each day, where I’m away from my computer and phone and focus on the elements of my day that need the most focus. It allows me to take a step back and re-prioritise my day/to do’s/etc.

Just Breathe (Woosah)

Sometimes things just get so busy you don’t know what to do. Trust me, I’ve been there. Whether strategy and budget planning, a brand new project kicked off, or it’s the end of the year – it can get crazy. Remember, take a breath. Just do one thing at a time. It will all get done. You’re organised, you’ve taken your ‘You Time’ and have a plan of action and are geared for success. Meditation is not for everyone, but breathing is. Just remember to take a step back, think about your priorities, breathe and go. We have such an amazing and close-knit Talent Acquisition team who truly lives by the CA Mission and helps me to get back to my ‘Woosah’ place when its needed.

Forget Being Perfect

No one, I repeat, no one is perfect – so why should you be? Being perfect puts a lot of pressure on yourself, plus can take more time to deliver your work. Are you being efficient when trying to be perfect? Probably not. Are you stressing yourself out, spending more time at work, and less time on you?  Probably. I was recently doing a bit of research for this post and found this quote from a article,  “As you climb the ladder at work and as your family grows, your responsibilities mushroom. Perfectionism becomes out of reach, and if that habit is left unchecked, it can become destructive…”. And do I know that to be true. I wish I could do it all, and all at once. I tried it…it worked for all of 5 minutes, and then I crashed, burned and was completely burnt out. You can be great and you don’t need to be perfect to do so.

Finding your balance isn’t easy. I’ve started to integrate my life with my work in some areas such as sending my son to our Montessori Programme, which I wrote about in an earlier post. No one way is the magic key to solve the ever-so-tricky question of work-life balance, but you can find the key that works best for you and find your happy place.





Girls In ICT Solve Tech Talent Gaps

International Girls In ICT Day

International Girls In ICT Day brings awareness to overall talent shortages in STEM.

Where are all the women in technology? A report last year by WISE found that women make up just 14.4% of all people working in STEM occupations (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths). Research firm Gartner also revealed that only 30% of the people in tech firms are female, a number that has remained roughly unchanged for ten years. So what are CA Technologies doing to attract the next generation of Girls in ICT?

We can’t afford to ignore this. The European Commission has warned that a lack of digital technology skills in Europe could mean there are up to 825,000 unfilled vacancies for ICT professionals by 2020. That’s a serious talent shortfall for businesses like ours, and today on International Girls in ICT Day, we need to be thinking about how we can engage the 52% of the population who might be being discouraged from considering a job in technology.

At CA Technologies, we think it’s important to engage young women with STEM subjects while they are still at school. Through our Create Tomorrow programme, we hold events for local secondary school children, introducing them to the many jobs they could work towards in the technology industry. Last year we partnered with O2 and British Airways to run a series of workshops on technology skills, and just last month we invited some of the students from Windsor Girls School to come to our offices and learn about the types of roles available to them. To coincide with techUK’s Tech Week in July, we’ll be hosting another big event for local schoolgirls.

STEM Students CA Technologies Careers

Schools, businesses and government bodies are working ever closer together to tackle the issue of gender imbalance. And the good news is, the needle is shifting. In very recent years, the number of girls studying STEM subjects and entering the field has started to increase. Statistics released by the Joint Council for Qualifications last year showed that the number of girls taking STEM subjects increased by more than 30,000, and over the last two years the number of women in STEM occupations rose by 8.2%. But there is still so much more to do. If you’re a woman who’s never considered technology, take a closer look at the opportunities it might afford you. Maybe this industry would suit you better than you ever imagined.




Rebecca Taylor - CA TechnologiesAuthor: Rebecca Taylor
Head of UKI Communications
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Hello Again Boomerang – Meet Isabel Botha, former CA Employee Alumni Returning to Rewrite Career

Boomerang: Australian throwing club, childhood toy, and…former employees? Yes. Strategic re-hiring is becoming an important part of many companies’ talent practice.

Boomerang hires play an incredible role in organisations today showcasing the organisation as an awesome place to work, and, not to mention…they are FANTASTIC brand ambassadors. At CA we LOVE our employee alumni, having recently launched a new alumni program where past employees can stay connected. But, what we love even more – when those very talented alums decide to return to CA. Whether for the benefits, our position on diversity and inclusion in the workplace, or the amazing ways that CA is Rewriting the Application Economy, we are seeing a surge in former employees saying ‘Hello Again.’

I recently had the pleasure to visit our Sydney office and caught up with Isabel Botha, a former colleague who helped us to tell the CA Story when we were launching our new career website. I was excited to learn that she was also a recent “boomerang” who decided to return to CA after some time away.

How did you first join CA?

“I migrated to Australia in 2005. After predominantly practising construction law in South Africa, Botswana and the UK, I wanted to join the IT industry and opted to take on an in-house counsel role at CA in June 2007. It was a great time to join CA as a lawyer, as the industry was changing as was CA’s culture and CA was committed to best-in-class controls and compliance. There was a renewed sense of vigour, enthusiasm and dedication to becoming one of the world’s most successful software companies.”

Why did you choose to come back to CA?

“After 7 years at CA as legal counsel I was offered a role as Corporate Counsel for Australia and New Zealand at a leading global provider of business collaboration and communications solutions. I was heartbroken to leave CA but at the time it felt like the right thing to do. On paper it was the perfect job, I was well paid and at a convenient location. But something was missing … camaraderie. I missed the passion, I missed the rollercoaster ride, I missed feeling a part of something, I missed CA.

A role in the Customer Portfolio team had just become available. I didn’t hesitate, I jumped. And as they say, the rest is history.

I love my new role and I love being back at CA. I don’t know what the future holds but I know I will remain a member of the CA family.”

As a working mum, how has CA played a role in balancing work/life?

“I’m fortunate to be mum to Kira (4.5yrs) and Tahlia (2.5yrs). As a migrant I don’t have any family support here in Australia and my in-laws are interstate so I can honestly say that CA has played a central role in me being a working mum.

Kira has been in CA’s Montessori Childcare Centre since her first birthday and Tahlia since she was six months old. It is quite surreal knowing that they are just a few floors below me so it is great to be able to pop down to read a story during book week or to take a photo with Santa or a fire truck, and of course if they fall sick I’m right here to pick them up.

I do have a demanding role, especially at quarter end, which I need to balance with my home life. At CA I am respected as a professional and am trusted to complete my tasks and achieve my goals at times that are opportune.

The culture at CA is, bar none, we help each other out and understand the challenges that we all face. Not all of us are parents, but we all have conflicting interests that we need to balance with our work life.”

What really makes CA stand out in the marketplace?

“In my mind CA is not a company, CA is a living, breathing organism. It is kind and can be intense, but most of all it is a fighter. When you look at the ‘top places to work’ they focus on benefits. CA offers great benefits too but in my opinion, CA’s culture and the commitment of CA’s Executive Team to make CA a truly remarkable software company is what makes CA stand out in the marketplace.”

Our very own Craig Fisher recently blogged about the courtship of boomerangs and the #NewWayToWork. As the marketplace evolves, our alumni, current employees, and future candidates are also evolving. At CA we are constantly evolving the way we attract talent and stay connected to future candidates. Isabel sums it up best; CA is a ‘living breathing organism,’ always evolving and positioned to Rewrite the future.

Welcome back!