A Day In The Life At CA: Communications

Ever wonder what it’s like to be in Communications at CA Technologies?

When searching for a role or starting your career in the tech industry, you’ll typically find bulleted information on a company’s job description, benefits and culture. We want to go a step beyond that and give you insight on these key facts from the perspective of a real CA employee. This Communications profile is part of our new careers blog series “A Day In The Life At CA”.

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca Taylor, Principal, Communications, is an avid Marvel fan and self-proclaimed middle-weight nerd.

Rebecca Taylor, Communications, reads a Marvel comic book on the Ditton Park office grounds.


Rebecca’s Career Story

Although Rebecca has been with CA Technologies for just over a year, her impact has been highly regarded internationally. Leading UKI Communications, Rebecca is charged with all public relations, internal communications, executive communications, social media, and corporate social responsibility activity in the region. She was recruited from her former role at a marketing agency after working in the communications industry for over ten years.

“I also manage social media at an EMEA level, meaning I work closely with the global team to localize activity for the wider region.”

Interesting factoid: Rebecca once worked for a PR firm that did work for CA, “But not on the CA account. That would have been helpful!” Small world!


The Life of a Principal, Communications

We asked Rebecca how she would describe her role as a Principal, Communications and why she loves it.

“What I love most is the variety. My role is very wide-ranging so I get to meet people from all over the company and work on many, many different types of project. I like having an in-depth view into what’s going on around the company. I also love that through my work on the EMEA CSR programme, Create Tomorrow, and through my involvement in the THRIVE programme, my job can really make a difference.”

A typical workday for Rebecca starts with a hazelnut latte at our Ditton Park office in the UK (so she basically works in a castle – how cool is that?!).

CA Technologies Ditton Park Office


“The office is in the grounds of Ditton Park Manor, and we have plenty of natural beauty to enjoy. At the moment there are several groups of goslings around the stream and the moat, and I always enjoy seeing them – although I did recently get chased by a goose whilst running out there!”

She goes into the Ditton Park office most days, although she occasionally works in London, from our office or in our PR agency’s office there.

“After breakfast, I try to get the first couple of items on my to-do list done before I head into my first meeting. I spend a lot of time meeting with business partners from around the business, the wider EMEA comms team, and my PR agency.”

Rebecca’s afternoons are her to-do list time, exchanging emails with the PR agency and colleagues.

What would Peggy Olsen do?
“I have a big desk with a lot of space and I try to keep it personal with plants, pictures and the odd action figure. I also love my “What would Peggy Olson do?” sign – I’m a huge fan of Mad Men.”


“A lot of PR is very reactive, as media enquiries often need responses within a couple of days or even hours. I am at my most creative after about 4pm, so I try to do any necessary writing around that time – that might be a press release, an internal newsletter, social media content, a blog post, or a press article to be attributed to one of our executives.”

After finishing up work around 6.30pm, she’ll sometimes head to the office gym before going home, “Where my boyfriend usually has dinner on the table for me!”


Life At CA

The on-site gym is a great benefit for many roles at CA, and Rebecca has this one at the top of her list.

“My favourite benefit is the gym. It’s in the office building, so there’s no excuse not to pop in after work, and there are also free classes at lunchtime – I sometimes do kettlebells or yoga. For me, exercising is the best way to switch off and destress, so I try to work out a few times a week, even if I’m not really in the mood.”


Rebecca’s Career Advice

“I’ve always considered work environment and culture to be much more important than the name over the door. CA is full of talented, inspiring, and collaborative people, and I’d always recommend looking for a team like that, regardless of the brand you work for.”


We couldn’t have said it better. Thanks to Rebecca for sharing her Day in the #LifeAtCA of a Principal, Communications! You can follow her adventures on Twitter (@rebeccataylorpr).

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Rachel Duran
Rachel Duran