What Makes Moving From A Startup To CA Easy?

Having worked for a couple of tech startup’s, former colleagues wondered how I’d find life at a big corporation like CA Technologies.

The idea of working for a big company fills them with dread, and lots of questions: ‘Do I sit in a cubicle? Do I have to wear a shirt and tie? Do they monitor your keystrokes?’ (Answers: Yes, No, No.) At CA they ask all employees to “Bring What You Bring”, be individual, showcase what you have to offer and ensure your part of the winning mission.


In fact, working for CA compares pretty well with working at a startup, and not just financially. Here are a few reasons why:


Like most startups, CA uses the Agile methodology for developing software. We work in small, self-organizing teams and we develop software in increments, producing something our customers really want rather than something they wanted 18 months ago.

Dress code

CA’s official dress code is “Business Appropriate Attire”, meaning you can dress casually if you’re not meeting customers. As a Technical Writer at CA’s Prague Technology Center, that means T-shirts and jeans for everyone outside of Sales (whose dress down day is Friday) which saves the chore for me ironing shirts for the working week.

A diverse team

The Prague Technology Centre (PTC) team is drawn from a breadth of 40+ countries across Europe and around the world, which makes it a fantastic place to collaborate with others of diverse thought, background and age.

Work hard, play hard

CA works hard to ensure that life at the PTC isn’t all work and no play. The Culture team organizes regular events, including a rock night showcasing CA employees’ bands, ice-skating sessions, team-building weekends, and charity volunteer days.

Wellness programme

People think I’m joking when I tell them that the company I work for offers subsidized yoga classes and onsite massages. I’m not. The PTC Wellness programme also offers subsidized swimming, sessions with a football coach, running and cycling groups, a badminton league, Kettle Bells training and Pilates classes. And yes, we do have a foosball table 🙂

To check out our local benefits visit ca.com/careers.


There are also plenty of ways in which working for CA is actually better than working for a startup:

Here to stay

CA is a big player in the tech industry. Most of the world’s biggest companies use the products we work on. CA Technologies Prague where I’m based, is also a huge growth area in EMEA and it’s very exciting to be working here. Our company slogan is “Business Rewritten by Software” and at CA, we all have the opportunity to rewrite the future of technology and our own futures in career.

Work/life balance

“Work/life balance” is a well-worn phrase but it’s something CA takes very seriously. Since I started here, nobody has asked me to work weekends or public holidays, and I work late only very rarely—not something I can say about every startup I’ve worked at.

Flexible managers

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started working at a “big American corporation”. Happily, the work environment at CA is far removed from the “Office Space” stereotype. My manager treats us like mature, responsible human beings, and has an understanding attitude when personal issues arise. Since joining CA, I’ve become a father and really appreciate the flexibility.

Add into the equation Prague’s amazing architecture, its affordable nightlife, and you can see why I’m more than happy with my choice.