A Day in the Life At CA: Simon Cockayne, Founder, WhoZoo

When searching for a role or starting your career in the tech industry, you’ll typically find bulleted information on a company’s job description, benefits and culture. We want to go a step beyond that and give you key insights from the perspective of a real CA employee.

Meet Simon Cockayne. Simon began his career with CA 17 years ago, when he came with the acquisition of Sterling Software. Since then he has worked with different business units on several products as a Developer, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Product Manager, member of the CA Coaching Circle and member of the CA Council of Technical Excellence. He is now working on WhoZoo, a startup he founded in the CA Accelerator.

“I am trying to build WhoZoo: A self-learning map to the human beings in your ever-changing organization.”

“As the founder it is my job to lead the team and, through the scientific vigor of Lean Startup, explore and learn as swiftly as possible if/how WhoZoo can be built into a thriving business.”

Simon works from his home and collaborates with the WhoZoo team and team members from other startups across the CA Accelerator. He says his favorite part of the job is the autonomy to try new things and the opportunity to put his trust in the people around him.

In fact, Simon said the best benefit of CA is the people who work here:

“Bright, inventive, passionate people. Eager to succeed and eager to help each other. To work together in our CA mission to ‘eliminate the barrier between ideas and outcomes’ – and thereby help people all around the world be successful with their endeavors and adventures – well, that’s just ace.”

Simon is also an ally of the LGBTQ community at CA Technologies: a believer in the power of diversity and inclusion. We asked Simon about his experience with CA as an ally and supporter of the LGBT community, and what he would say to someone from the community considering a career with CA.

“CA is an incredibly inclusive environment. Bullying and discrimination are NOT tolerated.”

In addition to the people, he also loves the CA Accelerator workspace in Santa Clara, CA.

“That’s a wonderful space for collaboration. And it’s not just the contemporary décor…or the light space…and open collaboration areas…it’s the feeling that anything is possible…and if you start with that feeling…then anything really is possible.”

Bring What You Bring

CA asks all of its employees to “Bring What You Bring.” What unique traits does Simon bring?

“I talk too much. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I laugh a lot, sometimes too loudly. I am overly sensitive and worry about other people’s feelings. I am scared of heights. I am not afraid to experiment and try new things and fail in a public blaze of disappointment. I believe the happiness of the team is more important than the happiness of the customer. Only happy teams can be incredibly creative/productive…& that’s what makes customers happy, long term.”

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And if you are especially interested on working on the WhoZoo team, check out out the job opportunities at the WhoZoo careers page.

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