How Apt Job Descriptions Make a World of Difference


Does a good job description tempt you to apply for a Job? To me it does as a job seeker, I would apply to a role that is more appealing and makes me believe – Yes, this is exactly what I’m looking for. Every candidate prefers to know what is expected of them and how they will be evaluated. Job descriptions are a point of departure for recruitment process. It is a document that helps a candidate set expectations and get an insight into compensation, training, selection and performance management.

A well – engrossing job description briefs out the mastery, skills and potential required to execute a job successfully. A beneficial job description functions as a premise for developing interview questions, executing performance evaluations, setting objectives, pay rise and career growth.

And most importantly, a job description is no longer a representation of a role’s responsibilities. Today, job descriptions serve as a marketing platform to attract talent. One should be thoughtful about the company profile and job description to ensure it speaks about the values, mission and culture of the organization.

There are few other secrets that help a candidate apply for a job like a human voice in the job description, no one wants to work for a robot. Hence one must look for a JD infused with a voice and personality of the company. A company logo or brighten graphics, proper spelling, grammar and a neat format are always essential and must not be overlooked by a candidate.

While there have been a lot of traditional ideas about Job descriptions, following are a few tips a candidate must look at to analyze a good job description –


  • Job Title

An apt job title that suits the market standards, the title and level accurately reflects the work that the employee will perform. A job title mirrors the industry standards and organization’s culture.

  • Basic Info

A list of basics is highly critical for a candidate and a recruiter. These are the standard sections that are important for job seekers. These typically are – Job code, Department, Band, Title of Supervisor, Technology, Location, Salary Range (If your company has this).

  • Summary

This is to define the nature and overall purpose of the job. A candidate must focus on analyzing the general overview of the position through this attribute.

  • Key Responsibilities

The most critical attribute that helps you realize if you are a fit or not to apply. This section explains the day-to-day core job. To start with, this includes the essential functions of the position that are 5% or greater of the employee’s workload which are always listed in order of importance.

  • Job Qualifications

This section majorly includes the minimum requirements of the job position. The job qualifications can be further broken down into Education, Experience, Communication skills, Technical proficiencies/Certifications, Supervisory Experience (If required)

  • Physical Requirements

It is of prime importance that a potential candidate must know what they physically have to do in the job and in what environment. Employers list the physical requirements so those with disabilities or physical limitations can judge whether they can perform the job as-is or with reasonable accommodation.

  • Brand Awareness

This is a feature that has not been utilized by most of the organizations yet. In order to understand how creative and versatile a company is you must look for the add-on attractions like a company logo, link to join the talent community, a short video about the company and a list of accomplishments of the organization. One must always notice how the company brands itself.


Lastly, look for the precise directions on how to apply. A cumbersome process may run you off. Thus, look for streamlined instructions. A good job description can have a great impact on the candidates irrespective of the following hiring experience. I personally believe that a great job description is a Win-Win situation for the candidate, recruiter and the organization. It not only helps a candidate understand the right job but also helps an organization to hire the right candidate.


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