The Top 10 Traits To Be An Awesome Salesperson At CA

Our awesome Digital Sales and Presales teams in Prague came together to share the top 10 traits they feel make a successful Salesperson at CA Technologies.

Daniel Alonso, Digital Presales

“Knowledge is powerful because it drives our thinking process and helps us identify problems and solve them. This is very important when working with our prospects and clients in order to help them get what they need.”

Felix Valeda, Digital Sales

“Being positive is the choice of adopting a constructive approach and attitude towards your ideas, feelings and actions, and ultimately driving it externally in order to achieve the most successful output.”

Ondrej Bursik, Digital Presales

“You should try to be driven in your approach to not only business but to all other aspects of your day-to-day work life. Strive to not rely on someone else to do it, and instead be the one who picks up the phone, gets in touch with customers, partners, internal people, and be ready to help better their lives even before they realize they need it.”

Elisa Birri, Digital Sales

“Being success driven means to focus on your business goals and putting in all your commitment to achieve them, while working to meet and exceed your customers’ needs and wishes by always delighting them.”

Clement Lafage, Digital Sales

‘’Attitude is everything! With a positive attitude, you are able to exude the bright side of life that makes your personality likable and acceptable. As a result, sales start with you, not only your customers.’’

Simon Perche, Digital Sales

“Because customers are not waiting for you, you have to anticipate their needs. You should differentiate yourself in approach to earn their attention and you need to take initiatives to be one step ahead of the competition. This is what being proactive in sales means to me.”

Daniella Gyselinck, Digital Sales

“Being persistent is a sign of ambition as well as the willingness to work hard and try again and again until you achieve your goals and, ultimately, success.”

Carlos Cepeda, Digital Sales

“Resilience is the ability to brush off after getting knocked down, learning from mistakes instead of repeating them, and rebuff rejection instead of internalize negativity.”

Yoran Klarenbeek, Digital Sales

“Being a good negotiator is a key aspect for any sales person. You are continuously negotiating with the client ensuring your conversations are had at the right time, place and with the most suitable person to discuss solutions and products that will fit the needs of the customer and the company.”

Carl Lundberg, Digital Sales

“In sales you have to be a good listener as you’ll need to listen, take in and understand the customers’ needs in order to present them with a solution that will be best for them.”

Olivia Hebert, Digital Sales


“The CA culture, especially in Digital Sales, has a uniqueness to it, and everyone brings something new to the table.”

Collin Ossiander, Digital PreSales

Collin Ossiander, digital sales


“We collaborate every day, whether it’s with customers, or whether it’s with different organizations from within or without, so it’s very important to understand how to work in a collaborative environment and help at any point you can”


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  1. Excellent Top 10!
    After 20 years of IT Sales Management this is a very good summary of what it’s needed to be successful in our career and Help Customers and Vendors to be ahead too.

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