5 Tickets to Fantasyland: How to Foster Innovation and Creativity in your Team

You need innovation to get to Fantasyland

When I hear the term ‘innovation’, I automatically think about new apps that have been invented to make our lives easier and more comfortable. Big and bold innovative ideas such as an application that can identify the content of your fridge and provide you with suggestions for meal preparations or your next shopping list is one example that springs to mind. On the other hand, the term ‘innovation’ might be less associated with a change in process, thus amending your way of thinking and the way you make sense of your environment. However, actually changing the way you gather information, store and connect it to your knowledge and existing thinking patterns will result in changing the way you approach tasks and structure your daily life. For me, this process is actually the groundbreaking innovation. Only this can make technological innovations such as ground-breaking apps possible.

At CA Technologies we constantly strive to think outside the box and question the current way of doing things – in order to do things better. CA’s mission is to eliminate the barriers between ideas and business outcomes, and to do so we need new ideas, processes and strategies to achieve those outcomes for our customers. Within Talent Acquisition we work together globally to diversify perspectives and ideas in order to reform our processes.

The journey to Fantasyland

We started to scrutinize the way we were doing things and realized that it actually can be quite difficult to come up with new ways of thinking. During the last couple of months, we introduced the term ‘Fantasyland’ as, in my opinion, it perfectly describes the optimum state of your processes and technologies that you strive to achieve as a group. But how do you get yourself and your team members to Fantasyland you may ask? Here are 5 different options:

  • Identify the Plant in your Team.

According to Belbin’s team roles inventory, a person who falls under the plant category tends to be ‘highly creative and good at solving problems in unconventional ways’. Utilise the plant to disrupt current thinking patterns and look at things from a different angle.

  • Set the Scene.

Before you set up a group session to collect feedback and ideas, stress that everything is allowed in Fantasyland. Give examples of scenarios and explain what Fantasyland actually is – an ideal corporate environment where you have unlimited tangible and intangible resources and no technical limitations.

  • Encourage Idea Ownership.

Ownership of ideas is vital. Prompting participants that if they created their own business or department, what would they do or what would they set up?

  • Reveal Traditional Thinking Patterns.

If people do fall into old patterns of behavioral routine, it’s important to gently remind them of the points above and ensure they realise the opportunity they have.

  • Identify the Scope of Fantasyland.

This might sound contradictory, as there is an everlasting strive for perfection in anything we do. You have to set a clear scope for Fantasyland in order for you and your team to know your area of focus. With resources, timeframes to abide by, it’s paramount the team does realise and consider the boundaries that do exist.

I hope this list provides you with a good starting point. The more you practice new ways of thinking and continuous improvements to processes, the easier it is to both switch between analyzing your reality and plan innovative ideas for Fantasyland. It’s crucial to you and your team’s development that you continuously encourage Fantasyland-thinking. Of course, at some point you have to face reality, the technical limitations and existing restrictions. However, it is important to never lose sight of the bigger picture. With time, you’ll be able to create an environment that nurtures out of the box ideas and bring you one step closer to making Fantasyland a reality.

Our mission as a Talent Acquisition team has been to innovate the ways we do things, seeking continuous development and improvement, questioning routine and standardized thinking. And of course – the overall goal is to be the best in class. The efforts that we put into achieving this goal are paying off. Not only have we received positive feedback for our recruitment process from candidates – we’ve also received recognition from external parties like the Talent Board for the Candidate Experience Award “With Distinction“. This motivates us to continue our journey and strive for further development and innovations in the field of Recruiting at CA Technologies.


Campus Recruitment – A Dream Vision For Freshers

Needless to say, campus recruitment remains one of the most important phases of a student’s life. With all its accompanying apprehensions, pressures and preparations; the campus recruitment process can intimidate any student. However, with the right mentorship and continual self-assurance, one can find his/her way through.

As soon as you are heading towards your graduation, you start worrying and contemplating about your future. You start focusing on your campus interviews in a similar way as you do for preparing your examinations. All of this is for the incentive of giving your fledgling career a good launching pad. Getting recruited during campus placements also makes life a lot easier.

Having been on both the sides of the table, a recruiter for a big MNC (CA Technologies) and a scared college student waiting to be hired, I would like to share a few points that might be helpful for a fresher to crack the campus interviews.

Making the right choice while choosing a company

As a student, one might desire to get placed in one’s dream organization. However, one should understand his own strengths and weaknesses; and check if they are aligned to that of the organization they wish to join.

Always choose a company where you can enhance your skills for the company’s growth, which in turn can help you to grow in your career. Moreover, understand the job role which matches your skills. Focus your job-search not on the types of jobs you feel you must apply for, but on the types of jobs you aspire and desire.

”Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

Tips to crack a campus interview

  • Knowing about the company before attending an interview is one of the best ways to become a standout candidate during the hiring process, which also helps you to understand the culture, mission and values of an organization.
  • Make sure you are strong in your projects/internships that you have done during your academics. Keep yourself updated with the new technologies.
  • Exhibit your technical skills along with behavioral and interpersonal skills.
  • Come across as a person who is willing to learn.
  • Avoid being nervous and stay confident.

Process of campus recruitment

Below are the most commonly used stages in campus recruitment

  • Written test: This is the first level of screening which has Q&A related to aptitude, logical reasoning and technical skills.
  • GD’s/Case Study/Role play: Group discussions and case studies are usually given to test the communication skills of the student whereas role plays are usually conducted to test the problem solving, analytical and reasoning skills.
  • PI(Technical/HR): PI or Personal interview is the most important and final phase of recruitment. Depending on the business requirement of an organization, various levels of interviews are conducted such as technical, managerial and HR rounds. Interviews are usually done to test the technical knowledge and to understand the career aspirations of a candidate. It also helps in forming an initial impression of the candidate in the minds of the interviewer.

The transition from campus to corporate

Campus life and corporate life are radically different. The knowledge you acquire during your student life will help you in your professional life but the approach to be successful in student life is poles apart from the approach to be successful at work.

”It is your attitude and not your aptitude that helps you scale altitudes”.

Few key points to succeed in corporate life

  • Respect for people: We all know that respect is one of those things that is hard to gain and very easy to lose. An organization has diverse cultures and people at different levels and positions. A respectful work environment reduces the potential for conflict, increases morale and results in higher productivity at work. Also, the tenet of inclusion is extremely important wherein people from all backgrounds irrespective of their social, economic status are given equal importance in the organization.
  • Professionalism in the workplace: Professionalism is the way how a person conducts himself or herself in the workplace. Respect, loyalty and work ethics demonstrate a commitment to professionalism.
  • Accountability: Accountability refers to the responsibility entrusted on an individual and how he delivers on the same. This quality also entails one of the key future leadership traits in an individual. This is the most distinct change expected from a fresher.
  • Time Management: Proper planning and sticking to deadlines are important aspects of time management, cultivating this aspect as your core value can make your career go places.
  • Listen, observe and give attention to every minor detail before any conclusion.
  • Pay keen attention to corporate culture to learn how things work within the organization.


An Amazing CA Experience for Customers and Candidates

Are job candidates customers?

Our company mission is to eliminate the barriers between ideas and business outcomes. At CA, our sole purpose is to remove the obstacles our customers face every day – it’s what we do and what drives us as an organisation. It is vital that we also provide this high level of service to our candidates who are looking to pursue a career at CA. Not only must potential new team members know that they are joining a customer-centric organization but that our ethics focused around excellence in experience are implemented in the journey they take as a candidate with CA Technologies. So, are job candidates customers? Simple answer – of course they are. It is as important that we provide an excellent customer experience for those who invest in our products and service as well as candidate experience for those looking to pursue a career with us at CA. Treating candidates with the same care as we do customers is important as even if they do not join CA, they may one day be a customer buying our software.

Parallels between providing a fantastic CA experience to our customers and candidates

There are many parallels between those who serve our customers and those who interact with our potential and new recruits.

2Regardless if someone is right for the role or not, the experience they receive from CA should be a positive one. Not only do they have the possibility of becoming part of our workforce, but rejected candidates may be suitable for an alternative role or future opportunity and may even refer others to our organisation.

recruiter-1Customers are the life blood of our company. Through selling to potential, new or loyal customers, the experience delivered by us in sales should be memorable and positive, showcasing what our solutions and products can do to break down the customers digital barriers.

Everything we implement from an operational perspective has a direct or indirect impact on candidates, which is why we’ve got to consider their experience in everything we do. It’s vital in our role we continuously improve recruitment processes as well as provide the recruitment team with great support so we can provide the best in candidate care and experience.

As the support arm of Sales, our data insights and predictive analytics enable us to not only support the sales team with guidance on their strategies and activities with customers, but our recommendations are all done with the customer at the center of every strategic decision. We are the team behind the scenes that enable our customer facing Sales team to deliver the fantastic customer care.

Candidates often need a quick and easy way to ask questions about the application process or open jobs, and the easiest way to do so is come to social media to tweet or message us. We’ve implemented social communities on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram specifically about CA careers and culture. This is where we share images of #LifeAtCA, give tips for job hunting and career growth, and offer an additional place where candidates can get an answer to their questions directly from our talent acquisition team.

CA Community Managers enable stellar communication in the place where members go every day to collaborate on CA Technologies products – CA Communities. Customers, partners and CA Employees come to the communities to get answers to product-related questions, submit product ideas, view product tips, tricks and more!

The easiest way to create a great experience for a job candidate is to communicate regularly and quickly. Recruitment coordinators help ensure consistent feedback to and from candidates, from scheduling interviews to facilitating painless documentation processes.

Our team strives to bridge the gap between what our employees do and the ultimate customer experience. Everyone in our organisation is truly part of our customers’ success in some way, and successfully organising a great customer experience requires every function in the company.

What our customers and candidates say about their experience with CA

We pride ourselves at CA Technologies with positive feedback from our customers in the way our employees help them through implementation, account management and assistance in support with our products and services. Likewise, candidates have praised us through their interview and on-boarding processes from a recruitment and new starter perspective.

We’ve received positive interview feedback on Glassdoor from candidates.


You can find all of our Customer Success testimonials and case studies on our website.experience


We’ve received accolades for the service and experience we provide to customers and candidates

It’s been a privilege to receive recognition for the work our amazing employees deliver.

We’ve been recognised for our outstanding candidate experience. We recently won the CandE’s (Candidate Experience Awards) in EMEA and APAC.

In terms of customer success we’re also proud to have received recognition. In 2016 we won the Northface Scoreboard Award for customer support excellence.


Many people in business, specifically in Human Resources, knows the mantra “happy employees make happy customers”, but we believe it goes much deeper than that. Happy job applicants make happy candidates, and happy candidates are the first step to happy employees. At the end of the day, a truly engrained organisational attitude of authentic service will be reflected to not just our customers, but everyone with whom we connect and collaborate.

Customer-centric is just one part of the essential building blocks that make CA unique as a company, what we believe and what we do at our best. Learn more about our Mission and DNA here.

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julian-hardyAuthor: Julian Hardy
Connect with me on LinkedIn here

CA Technologies is proud to be the Silver Sponsor at Grace Hopper Celebration India 2016

Grace Hopper Celebration India (GHCI), the largest gathering of women technologists in the country, is set to take place in December from 7th – 9th Dec 2016 and we are excited to be part of it. GHCI focuses on the career, research and entrepreneur interests of women in computing and technology.

Meet some of CA’s amazing women leaders who will represent CA at GHC this year.


Nivedita Aggarwal-Grace Hopper India 2016
Nivedita Aggarwal

”I started my career with Tata Infotech (now TCS) in 2000 as a trainee. After trying various technical roles at TCS, I joined CA Technologies in 2004 and picked up a career in product documentation. I started off writing product documentation for Mainframe products. Soon, I found myself identifying issues with the current process, proposing ways to solve the issues and leading people to fix issues. So, I naturally transitioned into a management role, handling documentation teams for a few business units. In the quest to expand my horizon, I took additional responsibilities to lead the development and support of tools for the global publication team and later started leading the globalization team as well. This is my 13th year at CA and I now head the Engineering Services team at CA India Technology Center. I’m responsible for Product Documentation, Globalization, DevOps services, Accessibility, and Securability teams in India. Learning the nuances of each domain was so gratifying and made all the extra work so much more worthwhile. It was   so important for me to understand the domain so that I could guide the team in the right direction.”

Nivedita Aggarwal, Director, Information Services


”I have more than 17 years of experience in this industry. I am currently working as a Director – HR Business Partner for Technology Group with CA Technologies. I have worked with Companies like Microsoft, 3Com, HCL and some start-ups. I have experience in Talent Development, Talent Acquisition and as a Strategic Business Partner. In addition to HR roles, I am also a Diversity Champion and lead Diversity Initiatives for CA India. I have Masters in English literature and bachelors in Economics from Delhi University. I am also a Certified Diversity Professional from DTUI.”

Sharmila Khan – Director, HR Business Partner



Kavitha Sastry-Grace Hopper India 2016
Kavitha Sastry

”I work at CA Technologies as an Advisor in the Global CIO Office. I have close to 20 years of industry experience both in the US and India in a variety of Customer facing leadership roles along with managing global Data Centers, Global infrastructure and Application support teams. I hold B.Tech in Electronics and Communications and M. Tech in Image Processing from Andhra University. I have held various Leadership roles at Silicon Graphics, Rovi Corporation, Patni-Igate and EMC. I strongly believe in and have managed to bring work-life balance into my teams. Currently I am working on two complex problems a) Measuring and Increasing Productivity from various collaboration tools across the company b) Putting in a process to measure Risk and Governance for all SaaS applications deployed within a company. I am also a member of the Diversity and Inclusion forum at CA Technologies. And a committee member of the ABI Hyderabad chapter and ABI India. I am committed to various “young women empowerment programs” in my neighborhood village communities.”

Kavitha Sastry – Advisor, IT Program Management


David, Crescentia Kalpana-Grace Hopper India 2016
David, Crescentia Kalpana

”I have more than nine years of experience in the Technical Writing field and will complete seven years at CA Technologies this December. I love technology, interacting with people, and writing. These traits make me best suited for the technical writing field. I work closely with the agile teams, and the experts of the product like support engineers to provide accurate and error-free content. I have worked with various technologies such as mainframe, security infrastructure, business process management in a SOA environment, SaaS, and master database management. I actively participate in the product forums to receive feedback and answer customer queries. I have dabbled with various forms of information presentation like videos and blogging. I am mother of a six-year-old rambunctious boy and love every minute of it. I am a true blue Hyderabadi who loves books, movies, and food. A feminist who likes to keenly observe the working styles of women vis-a-vis men. One day I hope to help under-privileged women by microfinancing their businesses.”

Crescentia Kalpana David – Senior Information Engineer


Kruthi Kunjalu - Grace Hopper India 2016
Kruthi Kunjalu

”I have been working with CA Technologies as an Associate Platform Administrator since June 2015. I joined CA Technologies after completing my Engineering in Computer Science from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU), Hyderabad. Ever since I started, I was able to work and deliver solutions on trending technologies like Chef, Alexa and Azure. In my role, I handle the implementation of Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC) for CA Technologies. I am responsible to ensure that all the newly launched servers are customized according to CA standards through Chef. I also contribute extensively to the Automation requests from other teams. I like to spend my leisure time reading articles on psychology and love to get to know people across different fields. Spending quality time with kids makes my day. The ‘Pursuit of Happyness’ is one of my favourite movies and a quote I love is “The world is your oyster. It is up to you to find the pearls.”

Kruthi Kunjalu – Associate Platform Administrator


Meet us at Grace Hopper Celebration India, CA Technologies booth.

GHCI is a great platform to talk about your work, share knowledge, learn and above all get inspired by some amazing women leaders in the industry. We are celebrating the spirit and success of women in technology. Come, meet us at CA Technologies booth and learn about CA products, innovations, benefits, our work culture and career opportunities. We want talented people to join our team and work towards achieving our mission of eliminating the barriers between ideas and outcomes.



Why Diversity Makes You the Best That You Can Be at Work

At CA Technologies, we believe that innovation and invention are the by-products of an inclusive and diverse workplace. Behind each of our breakthroughs is a group of thinkers—a team of individuals who examine challenges from every possible angle. We consider our employees’ diversity of thought, background and experience—as well as our inclusive workplace—to be our strongest assets. Within our UKI Sales organization, inclusion and diversity is paramount to our success. We believe diversity makes you the best that you can be at work.

Amazing women in our Sales Team

Earlier this month we announced the promotion of Fleur Bamber to lead our Agile Central and Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) Sales team for the UK & Ireland region. Not only is Agile Software a key area of investment for us at CA Technologies, it is also a mindset and approach we need to adopt to keep ahead of our competition – we strive to continuously improve upon what we do and what we offer our employees – especially in areas such as career development and career progression. Fleur joined CA Technologies in 2012 where she worked as a Sales Specialist for our PPM solutions, before moving into our Platinum Accounts team managing a set of major Enterprise customers. Her dedication to our customers, strong successes in each of her roles and passion for Digital Transformation solutions such as Agile Central made her the ideal candidate for the role.

Fleur joins our UK & Ireland fully diverse Sales Leadership team, alongside other key leaders such as Tamar Brooks (Sr. Director, Enterprise Management solutions) – who followed a similar route as Fleur from quota-carrying Sales rep into a Leadership role – and Louise Ashbrook who joined in March 2016 from EMC to drive our strategic growth and expand our routes to market as Sr. Director for Partners & Channel UK & Ireland.

‘Bring What You Bring’ – Hannah brings her own individuality to CA every day


Celebrating her 1 year anniversary within CA Technologies is Hannah Preston, who joined our specialist Payment Security solution sales organization. Hannah spoke about her thoughts on Diversity in general, and about her observations on how CA Technologies embraces Diversity and Inclusion:

[av_testimonials style=’grid’ columns=’2′ interval=’5′ font_color=” custom_title=” custom_content=” custom_class=”]
[av_testimonial_single src=’2500′ name=’Hannah Preston’ subtitle=’Solution Strategist – Payment Security Division’ link=’http://’ linktext=”]

“Diversity to me, is my human right to be my own person, to have my own beliefs, to feel proud of my personality, the permission to value my experiences and achievements regardless of my gender, social background or anything else for that matter which is not a judgement of my capabilities. All diversity really means is the understanding that every individual is unique.”

“CA truly embraces the concept of diversity, in the sense it understands that every individual is unique which also extends to its customers and partners. CA has developed a culture and working environment around this fact. It’s a place where everyone is valued, trusted and empowered. It’s a place that says you can be you and you can be proud of yourself. We believe in you!”



Diversity makes our business more valuable

Enhancing Diversity across our business increases growth, performance and success through enhanced business innovation and creative competency. It also enables us to provide our clients with the highest level of service, which is relevant and aligned to their business agenda.

Here at CA Technologies, Diversity and Inclusion is not a passing phase, nor a fad. We see this as an essential part of our strategy now and forever, continuing to place an emphasis on Diversity and Inclusion. This initiative falls outside of our organization by supporting those exceptional people who work in our customers and partners. We will continue to sponsor The Women in Sales Awards and the Everywoman in Technology Awards supporting and recognizing the shining stars in the industry! We will also continue to inspire the next generation of women stars in the industry, through our Create Tomorrow initiative.

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We believe diversity makes you the best that you can be at work - James Watson

Author: James Watson
Senior Talent Acquisition Manager, EMEA Sales
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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Prague for a Career Move Abroad

Thinking about pursuing a career move abroad? Consider Prague…

Moving to a new country for a career move abroad, is frequently an uncertain, yet exciting process. But when the city you are moving to is Prague, all you’ve got to think about is all the amazing things to look forward to.

As a Spanish expat who’s now lived in the city for 8 years and been with CA for the last two, I’d like to share the 5 main reasons that made me and the majority of other expats I know, pursue a move to Prague:

You are not alone. Plenty of expat organizations.

There are numerous expat groups in the Czech Republic with a wide range of cultural interests and social activities. When I started at CA, I felt since the early beginning a friendly, international and positive environment that helps you to be integrated. To have that feeling from the very 1st day is very important, and I was overwhelmed as an expat to feel warm outside of my native country.

Job opportunities with competitive packages for expats

The Czech capital has vast opportunities in the IT and Technology sector and CA Technologies is one of the largest Software Companies housed in the V Parku 2343/24 Business Park. CA are very competitive when it comes to what they offer their employees in terms total rewards package with benefits including 25 days of vacation, generous parental leave, pension plan and medical coverage among others. Many of the expats at CA love the subsidized language lessons that are on offer to employees to brush up on your Czech or English.


Clean, inexpensive, efficient and easy to use public transport

Definitely, one of the main advantages is the accessibility and connectivity of the public transport in Prague. I live in the North of the city (Holesovice) and it takes me 20 minutes by metro to get to work which is in Chodov, very south of the city. Moreover, the price for the 20 minute commute is;

          • 24 CZK (0.9 €) Return Journey
          • 110 CZK (4 €) for 24 Hour Travelcard
          • 550 CZK (20 €) for 1 Month Travelcard
          • 3650 CZK (135 €) for Annual Travel card, which is the most economical option in the long run.
*Exchange rate may vary

Cosmopolitan, cozy and picturesque historical city

Prague is relatively small and cozy for a capital city and very comfortable in the eyes of most foreigners. Not only is there plenty of things to see, and activities to part take in, Prague attracts circa 30 million tourists per year. I’m grateful to say that I turned my visit to Prague into a permanent vacation. Here now for 8 years, I’ve seen the city in all its splendour, its heritage and historical values, its picturesque streets, rivers and architecture.

Quality of life and great work-life balance

Overall, the city tenders you a great quality of life. There is huge diversity and a great choice of varied restaurants and events that appeal to masses and pockets of various cultures. You can easily afford going out to socialize 3-4 times a week due to the fantastic living costs on offer. My rent is cheap, and I am quite close to the city center with accessibility to everything I need.

Prague really does have all the qualities that you want for a career move abroad. I’m grateful for the opportunity CA have given me and I love what I do. If you’d like to work in an office where 46% of the workforce are expats from outside of the Czech Republic and where you’ll be one of the 170,000 expat community in the city, consider pursuing your career at CA’s Prague Technology Center.

If you’re ready to bring what you bring to CA, Search here or create a custom job alert to get notifications on roles that match your search.

Want to learn more about #LifeAtCA? Follow the hashtag and LifeAtCA on Instagram to see employee pictures from around the world.

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Felix Jimenez Valeda – EMEA Team Leader & Digital Sales Account Owner
Connect with Felix on LinkedIn here

What Does Diversity and Inclusion Mean To You?

For me, diversity isn’t just about the colour of your skin, your age or who you choose to love. It’s about being able to be who you are, with no fear of judgement. We all have different life experiences that shape and define our thoughts and working styles. I am lucky enough to work in an environment where it doesn’t matter that I am a mixed race female with red hair, or that I like to wear pink Dr. Martens on dress down Friday, but what is important is the value that I bring to my team and my organization.

The world has changed and people don’t have to be in the office between 9am and 5.30pm wearing a suit and tie anymore. There is more flexibility and trust in the workplace and the advancement of technology has led to an evolution in the way we that work. One of the first things I do before I even get out of bed in the morning is check my emails on my smart phone. For the last 6 years, my organization has allowed me to work in a way that embraces both my individuality and drive to still be successful in the workplace.

CA has a fantastic culture supporting diversity in all facets; thought, race, ethnicity, gender, generational, LGBT, etc. Our Mission and DNA principles thrive on being inclusive while also allowing for collaboration and differences in opinion. THRIVE is a programme designed to help create the best inclusive and flexible workplace for our employees and is one of our key foundational pillars at CA. Its focus is on creating a great place to work, do business and attract the best. We want the very best in the market place to bring themselves to work. My advice, to take cue from our recent campaign – Bring What You Bring, and you’ll thrive at CA.

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Diversity Inclusion Becca Sil

Author: Becca Sil
Operations Director, Global Talent Acquistion
Connect with me on LinkedIn here

What Makes Moving From A Startup To CA Easy?

Having worked for a couple of tech startup’s, former colleagues wondered how I’d find life at a big corporation like CA Technologies.

The idea of working for a big company fills them with dread, and lots of questions: ‘Do I sit in a cubicle? Do I have to wear a shirt and tie? Do they monitor your keystrokes?’ (Answers: Yes, No, No.) At CA they ask all employees to “Bring What You Bring”, be individual, showcase what you have to offer and ensure your part of the winning mission.


In fact, working for CA compares pretty well with working at a startup, and not just financially. Here are a few reasons why:


Like most startups, CA uses the Agile methodology for developing software. We work in small, self-organizing teams and we develop software in increments, producing something our customers really want rather than something they wanted 18 months ago.

Dress code

CA’s official dress code is “Business Appropriate Attire”, meaning you can dress casually if you’re not meeting customers. As a Technical Writer at CA’s Prague Technology Center, that means T-shirts and jeans for everyone outside of Sales (whose dress down day is Friday) which saves the chore for me ironing shirts for the working week.

A diverse team

The Prague Technology Centre (PTC) team is drawn from a breadth of 40+ countries across Europe and around the world, which makes it a fantastic place to collaborate with others of diverse thought, background and age.

Work hard, play hard

CA works hard to ensure that life at the PTC isn’t all work and no play. The Culture team organizes regular events, including a rock night showcasing CA employees’ bands, ice-skating sessions, team-building weekends, and charity volunteer days.

Wellness programme

People think I’m joking when I tell them that the company I work for offers subsidized yoga classes and onsite massages. I’m not. The PTC Wellness programme also offers subsidized swimming, sessions with a football coach, running and cycling groups, a badminton league, Kettle Bells training and Pilates classes. And yes, we do have a foosball table 🙂

To check out our local benefits visit ca.com/careers.


There are also plenty of ways in which working for CA is actually better than working for a startup:

Here to stay

CA is a big player in the tech industry. Most of the world’s biggest companies use the products we work on. CA Technologies Prague where I’m based, is also a huge growth area in EMEA and it’s very exciting to be working here. Our company slogan is “Business Rewritten by Software” and at CA, we all have the opportunity to rewrite the future of technology and our own futures in career.

Work/life balance

“Work/life balance” is a well-worn phrase but it’s something CA takes very seriously. Since I started here, nobody has asked me to work weekends or public holidays, and I work late only very rarely—not something I can say about every startup I’ve worked at.

Flexible managers

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started working at a “big American corporation”. Happily, the work environment at CA is far removed from the “Office Space” stereotype. My manager treats us like mature, responsible human beings, and has an understanding attitude when personal issues arise. Since joining CA, I’ve become a father and really appreciate the flexibility.

Add into the equation Prague’s amazing architecture, its affordable nightlife, and you can see why I’m more than happy with my choice.


Why I Love Recruiting At CA Technologies

If you look at my career, most of it has been spent as an HR Business Partner, supporting leaders with a wide range of business challenges, and helping them get the most from their people.  I hate to be bored, and for the longest time I shied away from an HR specialism thinking it wouldn’t offer me the same variety as a generalist path. Having been thrust into an in-house recruitment leadership role 4 years ago, here are some of the things I love about talent acquisition, and why I’m very happy to wave the recruitment banner:

Recruitment is sophisticated match-making

If you’ve connected friends and watched their relationship blossom, you will understand the satisfaction of matching someone to a job that makes their heart sing.  Helping someone walk away from an opportunity that’s not right can be just as rewarding even if the person can’t see it at the time.

Recruitment allows you to build deep knowledge of your company

If you want to get close to the business and get a wide perspective on everything from acquisitions, product portfolio, internal structure and how everything comes together to make the business a success, there’s no better way than working in the recruiting team.  We have a very unique access to every part of the business and we have to understand every facet so we can engage prospects.

Recruitment is all about pace and timing which makes it scary but exciting

One of my team once told me, “I’ve been after this candidate for nearly 2 years” and that speaks volumes about the importance of timing.  That amazing candidate might not be ready for a move so you need to be fast and furious when it matters, but also know when to back off.  If the pace and timing are wrong, you won’t ever be able to call on a candidate again and you’ll lose trust with the hiring manager.  There can be immense pressure, but it’s incredibly fulfilling to have someone great move through interviews at the right pace, accept a fantastic job with you and then flourish on the job.

Recruitment is communication

Taking everything you know about your company and translating that for potential candidates requires great communications skills as the hires we make today are often the hiring managers we work with in the future.  Engaging a multitude of different stakeholders inside the company requires the same expertise and skill.  Good communication and good recruitment go hand in hand.  Every interaction is an opportunity to learn more about someone and develop a relationship that can withstand the highs and lows.

Recruitment is fast-paced, people-focused, unpredictable and exciting.  If you’re interested in making a positive impact on someone’s career, then HR-Recruiting could be the career for you.  I know for me, it’s one of the most rewarding moves I ever made.  If you want to know more connect with me socially – we have graduate openings on my team for multi-lingual speakers right now.  It could just be the change you’re looking for!


What to Expect on Your First Day of Work – CA Technologies

Jen Botti gives us the inside scoop on what it was like on her first day of work at the CA Technologies offices in Islandia, NY.

We all ponder the night before what’s actually going to happen on your first day of work on a new job. Many of us anticipate feeling completely overwhelmed and lost in a huge office building. You may wonder where will I eat lunch and with who? Will I be underdressed, how do I get my computer and desk? Can I park anywhere, and most important of all will there be decent coffee?

Being a new addition myself to our Islandia office, I can assure you that you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Day one at CA Technologies will set you at ease and fill you with excitement. For example, as you enter the Islandia office you will find plenty of parking throughout the beautiful CA campus, even close up spots for expecting mothers. Plus, you’ll drive by tennis courts, basketball courts, a walking trail, and a helipad. Instead of searching cubes for an unused desktop, CA technologies mails you a backpack with welcome goodies and gets you set up with a laptop on your very first day. So, you’ll already start with everything you need!

You won’t have to wander around looking for someone to tell you where to go next; a Human Resource orientation leader will greet you. During your guided building tour, you’re likely to pass an impressive fitness center. Not only is it free for all employees, but they offer group exercise classes. How does a Yoga class sound for a lunch break?

First Day of Work - CA Technologies Islandia Office

As you head to lunch with your manager, you’ll experience the full service cafeteria. Much better than the average break room. But best of all, there is Starbucks coffee!

The huge pile of questions in your head will soon diminish during your informative orientation session. Everything from payment information, travel time, career development, training tools, and time management will be answered, and then some.

Finally, as you go home to your family at night to share your amazing first day stories, you can even think about the onsite Montessori Children’s center. Maybe you’ll be bringing some family along next time. But, this is just what happens on your first day of work – imagine all the rewards you’ll gain as long term CA employee. Best of luck!

Learn more about CA Technologies benefits and culture in North America > http://www.ca.com/us/why-ca/about-us/careers.html

Jennifer Botti