Five tips to successfully prepare for your job interview

Five tips to prepare for your job interview

You never know exactly what you’re going to get in a job interview. On one hand, it could be an engaging, enjoyable experience. On the other, it could feel like a never-ending interrogation. Unfortunately, you don’t have total control over which experience you’ll have. However, you can tilt the odds in your favor by being proactive and thoroughly preparing for your interview. It requires some effort, but it’s worth it!  Proper interview preparation makes your responses to questions more applicable to the job at hand, and can give you a competitive edge over other candidates.

Being prepared can give you more confidence in selling your talents, and help offset some of your interview jitters. Here are five tips to help you prepare for your next interview.


Give the company’s website a thorough look. You should familiarize yourself with their products and services, but also pay attention to their About section and their Mission statements. These are great places to find hints about the company’s culture. Another great way to familiarize yourself with a company’s culture is to review (or stalk) their social media platforms. Scroll through company Facebook and Instagram photos to put some people and imagery behind the mission that the company promotes as their culture.

Review & Print Resume Copies

Updating your resume is a crucial step in preparing for the interview.

  • Make sure your resume clearly highlights your previous responsibilities and successes, and also provides a clear snapshot of the impact you had in those roles. Use bullets to quickly capture the important details.
  • Double check for grammar and spelling errors by reading the text aloud. It’s also always a good practice to let someone else proofread your resume to catch errors that you may have missed.
  • Print off a few hard copies to bring with you to the interview. Even if you sent it electronically, it’s not uncommon for the interviewer to ask for a copy if he or she forgot to print one out ahead of time.

Have Questions for the Interviewer

This is commonly overlooked, but having a couple of relevant questions to ask your interviewer can make a big difference in their perception of you. Have 3-5 questions on standby, and make sure that some of your questions reflect the research you’ve done on the company.

Dress to Impress

Make sure your clothing is clean and ironed, and that you’re exhibiting good hygiene. Does your hair need a quick brushing? Is there anything stuck in your teeth? And while you may need a piece of gum to freshen up from your morning coffee, don’t forget to spit it out before speaking with the hiring team!

Arrive Early

Map out the interview location – know exactly where you are going. Leave enough time to find alternate routes if needed. This can prevent some unnecessary stress and allow you to arrive early enough to gather your thoughts, review your resume, and take a breath before your interview begins. You can also use the extra time to strike up a conversation with the receptionist if there is one. Getting some small talk in right before meeting with the interview team can help loosen your interview tension.

These tips can’t guarantee you will get the job, but you can have the satisfaction that you gave your best effort to make the best possible impression on your potential employer.

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A Day In The Life At CA: Solutions Architect

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a Solutions Architect at CA Technologies?

When searching for a role or starting your career in the tech industry, you’ll typically find bulleted information on a company’s job description, benefits and culture. We want to go a step beyond that and give you insight on these key facts from the perspective of a real CA employee. This Solutions Architect profile is the first in our new careers blog series “A Day In The Life At CA”.

Meet Carol

Sr. Solutions Architect for Customer Lifecycle Solutions, Carol Piccus, is a cool mom who loves to hang out with her kids and to bake delicious goodies (just look at these elephant cookies and dream with us, for a moment, of the day that scratch-and-sniff internet will be a thing).

Solutions Architect Work Life Balance baking cookies

Carol’s Career Story

Carol has been with CA for 16 years. After working at Sterling Software for a year, they were acquired by CA Technologies and we were thrilled to have her come along with the move. “I initially started with CA as a Project Manager in Global Information Systems (GIS), and was responsible for the transition of support data from Sterling Software to CA. After that, I was a Project Manager for the first evolution of the Learning Management System.”

As part of a reorganization in 2003, Carol moved into an inside presales role for the Unicenter product portfolio. She specialized in our service management and automation solutions. In 2007, she moved to a field presales role supporting Public Sector. Then in 2014, she made the transition to the CLS team. She took full advantage of changes and new opportunities to pick up a diverse skill set and advance her career at CA.

Interesting factoid: Carol’s first job out of college was the result of an offer to go through a systems engineer development program (not dissimilar to the associate programs offered at CA).

“So, I have always been tech – even though when I originally interviewed for my first job, I did not realize it was for a tech position.”


The Life of a Sr. Solutions Architect

We asked Carol how she would describe her role as a solutions architect, how that fits into her team’s focus, and why she loves it.

“The CLS team advises customers on product capabilities that they are not currently leveraging and educates them on the strategy and direction of those solutions.

Our goal as a team is to get customers on current, supported releases and to extend their use of the software – which typically leads to maintenance renewals, capacity sales, and potentially additional CA product.

I love helping our customers be successful with our solutions. It is always interesting to hear about how our customers are really using our solutions – especially when the solutions truly help them successfully support their business.”

A typical workday for Carol, who is based in Herndon, VA, includes working from home most days. She usually she starts off with a quick review of emails to ensure her team and customers are getting a quick, helpful response. Her helpful insights include research into product details, updates on support issues, providing feedback to product management, and getting input back from product management.

Solutions Architect desk

Most days she meets with customers via phone/Webex to present roadmap updates, address questions and concerns they have with the products, conduct assessments of their implementation, and provide feedback on how to improve their use of the solution.

Occasionally, she will travel to a customer site for some of these meetings. However, she is glad she doesn’t have to travel too much. “We try to minimize the travel to keep expenses low and productivity high.”


Life At CA

Working at home is a great benefit for many roles at CA, so we thought Carol might name this as her favorite, but something else we provided was more important.

“I really appreciate the workplace flexibility at CA. Most recently this has helped me adjust my work in order to help my sister while she was undergoing chemo treatments.”


Carol’s Career Advice

“It is easy to get caught up in a “name”. At the end of the day, it is people you work with that make a major impact on whether you like what you do and where you work. You should always be open to any technology company and focus on the opportunity available – does it support your career goals? Does the culture fit you? Are these people you can work with?”



We couldn’t have said it better. Thanks to Carol for sharing her Day in the #LifeAtCA of a Solutions Architect!

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