LGBT Pride Month Profile – David Sanchez

CA Technologies is celebrating LGBT Pride Month by championing a few of our amazing employees from the LGBT Community.

Meet David Sanchez,  Senior Research Engineer, based in Spain. David is quite the gamer and loves playing video games in his spare time.

What is a Senior Research Engineer, you may ask?

To describe David’s role in simple terms, he keeps an eye on technologies developed in universities, or other research centers, with the potential to be applied in CA’s products.

Whenever possible, I help in the advancement of such technologies in collaboration with Universities and other partners. For instance, I am currently in a European-funded project with partners across Europe with the objective of supporting other organizations in the application of Privacy by Design and GDPR through improvements on the traditional development life cycle.

David chose CA Technologies as his first employer when starting his career back in 2014.

After finishing a Master’s degree in Mathematics and Engineering, I decided to continue my career by pursuing a doctoral (PhD) program. As part of the industrial doctorate program, the research branch of CA Technologies in Barcelona started a collaboration with the local government for hiring new PhD candidates. I fell in love with the idea of the project and I immediately applied. Last year, I successfully defended my thesis and decided to continue my research career with CA Technologies.

CA offers a wide range of rewards and benefits that appeal to different employees. When it comes to what David has taken advantage of as a member of the LGBT community, CA’s internal diversity network ‘THRIVE’ has been a standout for him.

I believe THRIVE has helped in my personal development. Initially, I had the impression that I had to hide my own feelings as a member of the LGBT community, to act ‘properly’ in a professional environment. The culture that THRIVE creates at CA has helped me to realize how wrong I was, proving how inclusive an organisation it really is!

Bring What You Bring

With CA’s “Bring What You Bring” employer brand, we asked David what he brings to CA Technologies.

As the non-techie guy in the group, I provide a different perspective during problem resolution. Besides, my ability for pivoting and experience with changing contexts, the team feel reliant upon me for projects of different magnitude and scope: From very scientific and methodical projects in collaboration with university professors, to program-level discussions.

David’s day typically starts as the Spanish tradition mandates, with a cup of coffee with his fellow CA family.

The usual planning for the day involves several meetings with my colleagues and, phone calls / e-mails with external researchers. During these meetings, I work on disseminating the obtained results internally and externally. Not as often as I would love to, I travel to meet other research partners or present the results in international scientific conferences.

When it comes to the favourite part of his job, David definitely loves being constantly on the edge of knowledge.

It is true that the uncertainty of working with hypothesis generates stress, as they may be proven false (or not-so-useful) some months later. But the satisfaction of seeing your work being discussed and appreciated by other known (and admired) researchers… makes everything worthwhile.

David is fortunate to work in the wonderful city of Barcelona, as he refers to, “a dream place for anyone in the LGBT community in Spain”.

Besides that, I love the atmosphere that the open-space concept in CA’s offices. It helps us to connect with people in other departments, to know each other, and to generate new research ideas based on background conversations. I also love how I can ‘customize’ the desk to show my freaky / Japan-lover / gamer personality.

David would most definitely recommend CA Technologies as an employer of choice.

I would recommend CA to any member of the LGBT community (and non-LGBT too) as its culture is perfect for the personal and professional career development.

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Author: Stuart Hazell | Senior Marketing Specialist , Talent Acquisition
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